Friday, February 03, 2012

Another Angel?!

Yep -- another pair of angels came out of nowhere and made it possible for Monty to go and purchase the remaining skirting for Michael's new home!  So early this morning he was headed to shop and got it all done by early this evening.  He said it looks beautiful and completely transforms the look of the place.

I know what a good job he does, the perfectionist he is, and that God blessed his hands as he worked today.

The weather was perfect and now the skirting will further protect Michael from the cold and critters and just make it look like a real home!

We are so very grateful for this new pair of angels and once again thank them for their obedience when God put it on their hearts to give -- and to God for His perfect provision.

I am heading to Michael's first thing in the morning and will have pics for my next post.  Tomorrow the focus will be on painting all the ceilings white. It is the final touch and will really make everything look crisp and clean.  The walls are already to perfection so now let's have matching ceilings.  I called Keith as he is our awesome cut - in man and he will also be there bright and early.

While Monty was finishing the skirting I was helping our church secretary and her family move out of their newly sold home.  We packed box after box and loaded them into the bed of my truck and then went and unloaded them.  I don't know how many trips we made but it was alot and we got alot done.  I have no doubt that they will be working late into the night as they wanted to clean the house for the new incoming homeowners and there were still a few things to pack. 

They also called Habitat for Humanity's local Restore and they came and picked up many great things that the family donated!  Many other families will be blessed by these donations.

By evening we were both quite tired and yet fully enjoyed our day. 

Tomorrow will bring my mother and aunt here for a nice visit.  They want to see my daughter and son in law's new home and we also plan on treating ourselves to a nice lunch somewhere.

We hope all of you will be cheering for your favorite Super Bowl team this weekend.  It's been fun for us, watching the local news - we live less than an hour from Indianapolis!  Go teams!

Until next time . . . there ARE angels among us!  Watch for them!             Susan and Monty

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