Friday, February 10, 2012

Ta - Da

There she is!  All repaired and actually in better condition than before the tornado struck!  Perfection in every area.

The weather today was a tough one!  The snow was blowing and the temperatures were really cold.  To top it off, when I arrived the men were waiting on help as they had locked the keys in their truck and one of them had their coat inside the truck!  And they were laughing hysterically!  He also had so many cuts on his hands -- but the cold helped that -- he said he couldn't feel them!   What servant hearts!

Putting their heads together working out those special cuts . . . notice the ones who don't even have gloves on!
This is the damage upstairs!  When the roof was torn off and the chimney damaged the water came inside.  This is where the chimney meet the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom.  Mark has been working on it and atleast in this picture all the yucky stuff has been removed and even before noon today he had it looking amazing!  He came back -- after working a full day at his job -- and continued working on these areas.  He will be back in the morning and probably will be able to prime it and paint it and have it also look better than it did before! 

Billy lends a hand in putting on the trim around the ceiling in the dining room.  He had saved  - and marked each piece as he took it down before we started!  We did have to replace a couple of pieces but were able to match the stain and once again - beautiful!
This is the whole crew!  Pastor Randy is on the far left and Billy is on the far right!  The smiles say it all! 
It's been amazing to work with these men this week and I look forward to offering them another project and watching them change the lives of other homeowners --- and their own!

Tomorrow I head to Michael's where we will be doing a thorough cleaning in the trailer in preparation for installation of the flooring.  I will stop at Lowes first to pick up the vinyl for both bathrooms and we are still standing on God's promise of provision for the rest of the flooring.  We will be ready when God sends it!

Until next time . . . thanks so much to the Hartsville team!  You guys are super awesome and may Gos super bless you for your service!                                    Susan and Monty

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