Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The provision of angels


Another angel has come forth and today I was able to order and pay for the flooring for all of Michael's new home!!!!!!

Once again God provides just what we need just when we need it.  Never too early and never too late, always right on time!

It was fun getting it ordered as the men at the contractors counter know me quite well by now and enjoy hearing what we are doing.  The man who takes care of me actually remembered when Michael was in his motorcycle accident all those years ago.  I didn't even give his name, Jerry just remembered and was amazed as I told him how this all came about and how it's going.  You could see the light in his eyes and the fire in his heart as he thought about regular people just coming together with hands and feet to help and donated funds!

Many times I have said this and I will continue to do so . . . we all need to remember that we might be the only Jesus some people ever get to see . . . so . . .

Many heartfelt thanks to the two latest angels who have stepped up and stepped out and provided more than just funds for flooring --- they have provided hope and life and love!

Until next time . . . bless someone else today and show them the heart of Jesus!    Susan and Monty

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