Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Colder and climbing

My first picture as I arrived at Billy's this morning.  The laughter and smiles told me they didn't mind the cloudy skies and colder temperatures.  They were here to get the job done and getting it done they were.

With each strip of siding they are climbing higher and higher and having to extend the ladders taller and taller. 

As you can see by this picture -- the garage is basement level so reaching above the garage makes the heights a bit higher.  By the time he gets to the top of the second level he will actually be at the height of a third floor structure.  Obviously he has no fear of heights!!
Their attention to detail and perfectionism is amazing -- and much appreciated.  One thing we always stress to volunteers is that we are building homes for Jesus and thus we don't take the shortcuts.  Our goal is to do it the right way, not the quick way.  These men already have that ingrained in them and you can tell it by their work!
Each piece is placed with care and precision as they climb higher and higher and closer to the top.  They they will move on the to the facia and soffit repairs.
A good overview of the entire project and how they are insulating with new insulation as they move up with the siding.  What a difference this will make, especially since this side of the house faces west. 
The dining room ceiling looks fantastic!  The battle of using 12' sheets of sheetrock was well worth it.  The 4 pieces were a perfect fit and the only cutting required was the corner over the stairway!  The first coat of mud is on and after a bit of sanding they will be ready for the second coat.

Billy was once again all smiles.  He loves watching them work and having men enjoying spending time with him!  Relationships --- lifelines!!  Most of us just take them for granted.  Not Billy!

They are planning on returning tomorrow to continue working on the dining room ceiling and the facia and soffit outside.  Our hope is that the sun will return from behind the clouds but even if it doesn't -- the sun is still shining in all their hearts and anyone who steps on the property feels its warmth also!

Until next time . . . thanks Hartsville, Indiana!!!!                           Susan and Monty

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