Thursday, February 09, 2012

Irony --- at its finest!

They continued moving upward all day today!  Most of their focus was on the soffits and facia areas.  This is where their perfectionism really counts!

It takes total concentration when you are working this high off the ground --- and right in the place where the electrical lines come into the house!
He is busy focusing on making jut the right cut on his soffit material.
Scripture tells us that where two or three are gathered together God is right there in the midst of them.  Amen and amen!
Putting the peak on the facia and making it match perfectly!  If he gets his nose any closer to the house he'll have it resting on the power lines!
Meanwhile Mark works on the dining room ceiling.  He's sanding and sanding to get that perfectly smooth surface and will be priming before the evening is over.  He also has some major work to do upstairs around the area where the chimney goes through the house.  The chimney was severely damaged and has been completely rebuilt but the damage inside is extensive.  Mark will be working on that tonight and by Saturday no one will ever know there was any damage anywhere.  Mark has already worked a full time job today but he's still there, lending his expertise and bringing a smile to Billy's face.

Billy told me today that he's really going to miss these guys and will be lonely once again when they leave!  They will be back again tomorrow to finish up and I know Pastor Randy plans to make sure Billy isn't nearly as lonely as he used to be.

And at the end of the afternoon Billy helped me load more than a rick of his seasoned firewood to take to Michael's this Saturday!  He wanted to be able to give back to someone else in some way and this is a good one!  Blessed to be a blessing!!!!!

Now for the irony --- I'm still amazed!

We have noticed that a few of our neighbors have been having new roofs put on over the past months.  We just chalked it up to the age of the homes (ours is approaching 20 years old) but still wondered.  So this morning Monty headed out to ask the roofers about it.  Before I know it the owner of the roofing company and Monty are back here and up on our roof. 

The surprise?  Our roof has quite a bit of damage from the same tornadoes that damaged Billy and Don!  Not only our roof --- but our siding is damaged and broken in areas that are above our heads and thus we haven't noticed!  I was shocked!  And after seeing for myself I was doublely shocked!  Seems nearly everyone here has damage and I shouldn't be surprised because we live less that a quarter mile from where the tornadoes touched down!  So . . . a call to our insurance to file the claim has me waiting on a phone call from their adjuster who I will turn over to the roofer and . . . looks like we will be getting a new roof of our own!

I had to laugh!  Here we are working on others homes and hadn't even thought to check our own!  It just shows Gods provision and reaffirms His promise that He will take care of us when we take care of others!

Until next time . . . am I really going to be picking out my own shingles and not someone elses????  :)
Susan and Monty

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