Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After 40 days --- he's a winner!

About 6 weeks ago Monty had his regular appointment with his cardiologist.  His heart is just fine but the doctor "suggested" that Monty drop atleast 25 pounds! 

He's never been on a diet in his life!!!!  All throughout his childhood and early adult years he was so skinny that when working in pest control he could knock out a cement block in someone's foundation and fit himself through it!

Those years have come and gone . . . and a few pounds crept in.

So . . . seeing as how everyone else at his place of work felt they also needed and wanted to drop some weight they made it into a game.  41 days ago they all had an official weigh in, documented it on paper, complete with signatures, and decided that at the end of 40 days they would weigh in again and the one who lost the most weight would get the prize of $1.00 per pound of weight lost from each of the 4 people who did not win! 

Who says adding a monetary prize at the end doesn't work?

This morning was the official weigh in and Monty WON ---- he's lost 16 pounds in 40 days!!!!!!!!

I give him credit -- he's worked very hard!  I know about nutrition and took the opportunity to "purge" the house and have been having alot of fun cooking low calorie meals and have been following a 1200 calorie per day diet plan each day.  Now we all know that I could make as many low calorie meals as I want but he had to do his part.  He has done so well and we have actually enjoyed all of this.  He wants to continue and try his best to drop the rest of the weight and then maintain a good weight.

For now --- I am just so happy and proud of him for sticking to it -- for being dedicated --- and for now feeling the physical results too!  He has more energy, he says he can tie his shoes with ease and laughed when he had to "remake" his belt and purchase suspenders to keep his britches from falling down around his ankles!

And of course, the financial winning just adds to the fun!  Great job Monty!!!

Of course, if this was the man you worked for you would understand the fun side of working!!!!!  How can you not smile when looking at this?????

Until next time . . . keep going Monty!!!    I love you, even with there being less of you!!!!!!    :)
Susan and Monty

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