Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Roof . . . Broken Truck(s) ?

This was the view from our front window at 8am yesterday morning.  The roofers were here to put our new roof on.  The men were unloading their tools and tarping all around the house to try and catch as much of the debris as possible.

The noise was enough to send the dogs into a day long tizzy of barking and fearfully trying to hide.  The scraping of the old shingles, the stapling of the new felt paper, the unloading of the shingles onto the roof and the nail gun nailing on the new ones was nearly deafening at times.  Amazingly they were done with everything, even the cleanup, and pulling away from the house before 3pm!
And here is the finished product!!!!  No, we don't live in a storage barn but the way our house sits is up too high for me to get a good picture of the roof so . . . the storage barn is the best view I can give you.  I love the green shingles and we are both very thankful to the insurance company and the workers who did such a great job!

Monty spent the day at work and with his truck (once again) in the shop.  This time it was some sort of switch and thankfully they got it fixed without charging us 3 arms and 4 legs!!!!! 

My truck ---- well ---- today my neighbor is changing out the broken fuel pump!  Since there are 2 fuel tanks that means 2 fuel pumps and with the first (and largest) one out it was time to get something done.  The truck has been missing when I drive it so time was of the essence.  Steve is working on it as I write and I pray it will all go smoothly as it isn't an easy job!  These are the kind of neighbors everyone should be blessed with!

So I had to miss Bible study!  Sad for me!

I did make it to Lowes to order 2 more boxes of flooring for Michael's and to pick up the bifold door jams.  He and his family have been continuing on the installation of the flooring and this morning he told me they only need 2 more boxes.  Seems 3 boxes were damaged on both ends making it impossible to use them so I will get them returned.  They are doing a great job and will be finished as soon as these next boxes arrive, hopefully in the next couple of days!  I can't wait to see it myself!  Then it will be on to the kitchen --- praying for God's continued provision!

Tomorrow is "leap" day.  We all get one more day to enjoy being a blessing to others!  What can you do to make someone elses day a bit better and put a bit larger smile on their face?

Until next time . . . God bless you all.                                        Susan and Monty

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