Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael

It was (and still is) bitter cold out today and the snow was just enough to blanket the ground (and make our steps very slick) but we headed off to Michael's to do some thorough cleaning. 

My first stop was the usual, Lowes.  I got the vinyl for the bathrooms floors, the adhesive to make sure it sticks down well and the underlayment to make certain it has a really smooth surface.  Rob was not sure if he would make it today or not since he is helping his daughter with her science project but whenever he gets there he has materials and can be ready to work.

Keith was busy finishing up the paint.  He is excellent at the cut in work and as you can see, working around the ceiling trim isn't easy.  Yes, in a perfect world all the trim would wait until all the painting is done but . . .

This was the first time Keith's younger son, Joey, came to help.  His older brother, Jonathan, has been quite a few times but today he was working on a Habitat for Humanity project and Joey decided to come.  Here he is doing what most kids wouldn't have a clue how to do --- clean the shower!  He's even smiling (I asked him to do so) and I think he was actually having a good time!  He got them spotless and cleaning up after construction can be a tough job!

When he finished with the showers he moved on to cleaning the ceiling fans and lights!  What a great kid! 

John started out by trying to help me stop the leaking in my front fuel tank.  Since the fuel pump went out and the tank was full when it did, the fuel has been slowing leaking down the side of the truck.  John was able to siphon a small amount but we found out there's a security screen inside that keeps people from siphoning the fuel!  So . . . he was able to get enough out that I don't think it will leak now! 

Next John moved on to taking out trash and also helping clean the showers. 

Between all of us we got it pretty well cleaned up and managed to stay warm in the process. 

Michael was not feeling well at all --- a really nasty cold that he's been battling all week -- and to top it all off ---- I didn't even know that TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!!  Sorry you feel so yucky!  May our Almighty Healer have you up and well quickly!!!!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all.                           Susan and Monty

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