Saturday, October 01, 2011

Vineyard team takes "work day" seriously

Another Saturday, another scheduled work day and another day where the Vineyard team, along with Dallas from the local Baptist church showed up and showed out for the Lord!

The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and the temps were on the cool side which all lead to the perfect day to be digging trenches for plumbing water lines and continuing the electrical work.  Monty and Rob and John from Vineyard and Dallas from the Baptist church started the day.  Dallas had to take off after lunch and then Keith from Vineyard called and said he and his son were on their way to help finish out the day.

They were all working on the water lines and plumbing which required everyone to be crawling underneath the trailer at one time or another.  The legs you see are Rob's.  When Keith and Jonathon showed up they also got to join in the fun in the mud!

Much, much progress was made as they worked over 10 hours before deciding to take a break and go to dinner.  Michael joined the whole group and they had a really good time.  They did have to return to Michael's as Rob's truck battery needed some "charging" time.  Dinner was just enough time and Monty came rolling in home after being gone for 13 hours.  He was more than a bit dirty and even more tired but was pleased with the progress and blessed by the entire day.

Many thanks to the entire group for taking their Saturday to come and bless Michael!  I know God was smiling as He got to see His hands and feet and heart at work!

Same time next Saturday!

I spent the morning and into the afternoon rounding up materials for the team before heading back home.  My neighbor, Shelley, came by with some fruits and vegetables she got at the farmer's market this morning and then my daughter and grandkids showed up and spent the evening with me.  They even treated me to dinner out!  What a treat, especially since all the guys were treating themselves! 

We are still praying for and believing that the funding will come through for Michael's heating and air unit and the new windows.  God is providing just what we need right when we need it so we pray and we wait and we stand on His promise of provision.  Please join us in those prayers!

Until next time --- many thanks to all the guys who helped today!  Get some rest and let's do it again next weekend!

Susan and Monty

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