Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fundraising Festival . . .

Yesterday and today were great planning days.
The date has been set and the plans are in full steam ahead motion!
The funding festival will be a blast and hopefully bring in ALOT of folks who are ready to help out and also enjoy the day with us!

This morning I loaded up the bed of my truck with the shower, toilet and sink and all their parts for Michael's spare bathroom.  It was quite the job getting it all unloaded but I was able to back the bed of my truck up next to his platform on the ramp and from there I just slid the things off and inside the trailer.  They will be there ready and waiting for Rob and the team on Saturday!

Back to the festival. . .  we have the entertainment set up, the flyers are done (thanks to Ms Bev) and we are out asking businesses for donations of items to use in the not so silent auction.  I paid a visit to the local Christian bookstore and got alot of suggestions of place that love to donate to causes such as this so tomorrow I will be out and about town.

We still have some department head positions to fill but know the right people will step up and take charge at just the right time.

These types of things take quite a bit of planning but it's so awesome to feel God present during every minute.  Sus and I met today for a couple of hours and made even more progress.  She's doing an amazing job and considering she just had major back surgery 3 weeks ago . . . oh my!

Cody took the position of media department head at our meeting yesterday and by this evening he had our flyer sent to 2 radio stations for their community announcements and had talked with Bob who did the first newspaper article on Michael a few weeks ago.  He might be young but he listens and he follows through and has done a fantastic job!

It's so much fun putting something like this together and this afternoon as Michael and I stood in his trailer and looked out over the back where the festival will be I think he saw the same vision that I did and was excited! 

Thanks to all those who are working on all the details with us and be sure and stay tuned as things change by the day. 

If YOU would like to donate something for the not so silent auction (it needs to be new) just let me know.  You can give me a call at 812-219-5738.

Yes, I know I've never posted my phone number on the blog but I do believe over half the nation has it and I trust all of you will be respectful in using it.

Until next time . . . blessed to be a blessing!  What a great job!                   Susan and Monty

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