Friday, October 07, 2011

A "stirring" . . .

It's nearly bedtime but Monty is still next door working on Shelley's sink. Amazing the difference when we work to help someone rather than work to work!
My day consisted of mowing -- with the temps around 80 the grass continues to grow! Today I only did 4 lawns. Next week will be about the same. It's good to try and break them up so I don't have all 9 at one time! Mowing is always ministry time for me. Most of the people I mow for are widow women and it's nice to spend a bit of extra time talking with them and sharing. One woman got all new carpeting in her home and as I watched the workers lay the carpet roll out in the street to measure it reminded me of Mike and Ms Faye's build where the carpet installer did the same thing -- at midnight on a Thursday night! (for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about -- you can go to the blog archives, back to March and April of 2007 and you will understand).
As I was mowing I had a voice mail from a woman that I do not know. She said she has a Lowes gift card for Michael's build so I will be meeting her in the morning. What a blessing! And another opportunity for ministry!
Just as we were ready to meet our neighbors for our weekly cheap pizza night I got a phone call that sort of rocked my world! In fact, my neighbors said they had never seen me speechlesss! I cannot go into details at this time but this phone call showed me God is moving, stirring, challenging and directing us into something totally new, totally exciting and way outside the box! I know asking for prayers when being so vague is a bit tough but please join us in prayer! As details unfold I will keep you all up to date!
Monty, Rob and John will be heading to Michael's in the morning and hopefully others will join them as they install the handicapped accessible shower that's been donated and wrap up some more electrical and plumbing work. Many thanks to this Vineyard team who continue to come out and bless not only Michael but anyone and everyone involved in this rebuild! Let's go team!
Until next time . . . blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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