Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The festival is coming together . . .

It was a glorious day --- one week ago today!  Thanks again Ryan and Dedra!

This is the week!  Saturday is the day! Our fundraising festival to raise money for the completion of the rebuilding of Michael's trailer is in the final planning stages and things are going very well.

Today was our weekly Bible study and as usual, very uplifting and meant just for me!

Immediately after we (Mary and I) headed to Sus's house for a bite to eat and some catching up on information before heading off on some important errands.

Sus was really busy last week while we were away and got so many great things accomplished.  Mary has jumped in head first and is such a help!  We compared notes and made some calls and decided it was coming together quite nicely.

From there we headed to Fayetteville school where we turned in the proper paperwork they required to allow us to use their parking lot.  It's nearly across the street from Michael's and is such a blessing.  We also stopped into the local Fire Station and were thrilled when they gave us permission to use their kitchen for our food preparation.  Since we do not have enough electricity at Michael's (just yet) we will be able to keep all our food at the fire station (right across the street) and then use the donated golf cart to transport it to Michael's where we will be serving.  Perfect plan!

We then stopped at Michael's to check out the layout for the festival itself.  The grass has already been bushhogged and Michael was mowing over it with his mower.  The grass had been tall enough to practically bale into hay but was looking better with each lap Michael made.  Our own Vineyard Mike will be doing a final mowing job on Friday.  He has all the perfect equipment since he has his own landscaping business.  It should look great by Saturday.

Even the weatherman seems to be cooperating as they have sunshine and mid 50 degree temps forecast!  Any temp is fine with me -- just no rain please!

One more stop took us to Pastor Jan's to check out his flatbed trailers.  He has a perfect one to use for our "stage" and another smaller one that will be used as our "hayride" to and from the parking areas.  I also managed to get a few bales of hay donated by a dear friend and will be picking them up on Friday.  A few pumpkins to go along with them on the stage and we are all set.

The donations continue to come in for the not so silent auction and it looks as though it's going to be a great one!  If folks are smart they will realize this is a super time to get some Christmas gifts purchased!  Yesterday I managed to get 2 -  3 month local gym memberships donated along with a couple of fantastic sweatshirts.  We also have massages, gift certificates, ceramic figurines, picture frames . . . all sorts of things and they just keep on coming! 

This is all so exciting -- seeing God's mighty plan and timing!  The joy is spreading throughout the church and community.  When we talked with the lady who owns the pizza place just down the street from Michael's she told us that this is a very close community and this is something everyone is coming to!  Praise God!

THAT is our priority -- giving God the glory and thanks and praise!  We have known from the beginning that this is a God appointed and God annointed project and just the beginning of things even greater! 

"Rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes."

It is our prayer that all those attending will feel the touch of our Lord, know His goodness and love and realize the blessing of giving to others!

Until next time . . . to God be the glory!                             Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

We are all looking forward to this festival on Saturday! Woo-hoo!