Monday, October 10, 2011

BIG plans a comin'

My oh my, God has been busy today!

Actually He got started last night, in the middle of the night.  I can't say that I love it when He wakes me from sleeping and gets my head to spinning with all His input . . . but it's always right on time every time!

I had a text message waiting for me when I got out of bed -- I wasn't the only one God woke up in the middle of the night!  Sus also got the same wake up call and when we got together on the phone we were praying and planning and listening to His direction for the next 3 and 1/2 hours!  Yes, my phone battery was over half spent but it was awesome!

You must stay tuned as we have a big planning meeting tomorrow after Bible study but here's what we know now . . .

On Saturday, October 29th we are having a fund raising festival for Michael's project!  We don't have the exact name but tomorrow . . .
This festival will be a combination of churches coming together and all about praise and joy and fun and fellowship and a bit more praise.  And of course -- raising money!
The day will be a work day during the morning hours and come afternoon we will be having entertainment (thanks to our dear friends Terry and Cheryl and their 10 children) along with a not - so - silent auction of items donated, food and a bit more food and games for the kids and prayers going up in thanksgiving and more food and more music and more things auctioned off and possibly a bon fire out back.
Our goal is to raise funding but even more than that -- to raise awareness that God is an incredible God and in the business of miracles.  We don't have to sit back and be a spectator, we can be involved and smack dab in the middle -- if we will just listen to His guidance and be obedient!

I am so excited about this festival!  Monty and I have been involved in many an outreach over the past 6 years and they are always life changing -- to those doing the work and to those who come and participate.

It will be a time to see the hand of God at work, to feel His presence and to experience the joy of the Lord Himself!

Be sure and stay tuned.  It's going to be amazing!

And the "stirring" is continuing ... and building so please continue to pray for us (even though you don't have the details -- God has them)

Until next time . . . love and blessings to all of you!                            Susan and Monty

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