Sunday, October 30, 2011

Festival Fun!!!!


Mary and Zac working on building the fire pit from the sand stone that was dug up out of Michael's back yard over the past weeks.
John worked nearly all day busting apart the old cement steps that were "discovered" from the foundation of an old home that once stood.  I think he must have still been shaking in his sleep!
Michael and a group from Vineyard working inside finishing up the plumbing.  Yea Vineyard for continually coming to serve!!!!
With the fire pit completed Monty gets a fire started.  It really felt good as that sun went down and the winds picked up.  We must have spent another hour just sitting around it late in the evening after all the festivities were done!
The jumping monkey was a great hit with the kids!  John took full responsibility of it and the rules and the kids and did a wonderful job!  I think there were a couple of kids that stayed in it the whole 4 hours!
John and Monty spent some time "down under" finishing up the plumbing!
Unloading the donated golf cart was a bit of a task but the men rose to the challenge.  We used the cart to bring food from the fire station across the street to the festival.  Since we didn't have enough power the fire station allowed us to use their kitchen.  What a blessing!

The Long family gospel singers entertained us all evening.  We alternated between the entertainment and auctioning off the donated items!  Both were such fun and brought in much needed funds to continue the rebuilding of Michael's home!
In line at the food window.  We used the broken window at the end of the trailer to serve from.  We had so much food!  Pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, coney dogs. all sorts of homemade soups, nachos, chips, pickles and more desserts than I'm able to name!  Thanks to Ms Bev and Ms Donna for taking on this job and making it a huge success!
Gina took full responsibility for all the kids games and fun and did a wonderful job!  I saw some of the things they made and did and every kid there had a huge smile on their face!  Thanks so much Gina!
Larry and Christina from our Vineyard family sure had fun at the auction and were able to bring home some tremendous things to use for themselves and for Christmas gifts!
Many thanks to my mom -- who supports us in all we do.  She brought pies for the auction, persimmon pudding for the contest and also had alot of fun at the auction.  And little Destiny knew just who to sit by -- Mom bought one of the pink fuzzy papazan chairs for her!!!! 
Mary, who is home from Ecuador, took on the responsiblity of all the items up for auction.  She had them listed and sorted and arranged for everyone to see ahead of time and then helped sort them for the auction itself!  Right now -- time for a bit to eat!!!!
Games tend to bring out the kid in all of us -- as for Monty -- just one of the reasons I love him so!
Corey takes some time to enjoy the fire pit!
Darkness comes much too soon this time of year and by the time all the kids took the stage for the final song it had turned quite a bit colder and alot darker.  None the less, they sang their hearts out and had all of us in tears and smiles and our hearts were so warm we didn't feel the cool temperatures!  Our deepest thanks to our dearest friends who once again took the time to come and support us, and Michael -- to love on us and everyone there -- and to share the amazing gift God has given them!
On a side note -- this family is not only donating all the trim for the inside of Michael's home -- they are donating all the 2x4's and 2x6's we will need for both of the decks and handicapped ramps!!!  Like I said -- what a family!!!!

Way too much fun around the fire after all the festivities are over!  All of the kids playing with Monty -- as he says, "my best friends!"  And he means it!

It was a great day and a blessed day and a time where we could all see God moving and blessing and providing not only the materials for Michael's home -- but the love and the joy that is priceless!

To everyone who was involved in helping --- my deepest thank you!  YOU made a difference!  YOU were a blessing and I KNOW God will return those blessings back to you -- and more!

To everyone who came and participated and donated -- my deepest thank you!  YOU are changing lives!  YOU are following the example of service given to us by Jesus Himself!  That joy is unmistakeable and indeed priceless!

To Michael -- "with God, nothing is impossible."  God loves you, your church loves you, your family loves you, your neighbors love you --- and yesterday --- some people who were strangers to you -- love you too!

Until next time . . . "trust in the Lord and do good.  Then you will live safely in the land and prosper."  Psalm 37:3

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