Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Saturday Vineyard team grows!

From Pastors Jan and Martie to the "smallest" volunteer -- many showed up today to work and to share in the joy that surrounds not only Michael - but his entire place!

My morning started by having our neighbor and friend, Shelley, follow me to Michael's house so she could get her first day of vacation started with volunteering!  I hope she's not too worn out and sore by the end of today to enjoy the rest of her time off!  She was packing tree limbs the entire time!

After getting her dropped off and getting a list of supplies needed I was off to meet Ms Wanda.  She is the same Ms Wanda that donated the Lowes card and purchased 2 ceiling fans for Michael.  This time she had a new full size bed set, complete with bed frame, 2 sets of sheets, a matching comforter and a new pillow.  She even took one of the paintings off her family room wall as she thought Michael might like it!  It was a beautiful covered bridge scene and I know he will love it!  When I gave her one of our flyers and talked to her about our upcoming fundraising festival she assured me she would be there and would be calling with items for the auction!!  And she's 80 years old!!!  Rob (from Stonegate) and his 2 children met me at Ms Wanda's so they could help move the bed.  We then headed to Stonegate to use one of the office spaces as storage for the furniture and the items coming in for the festival.

A quick trip to Lowes for the materials and a fast food drive thru and I was on my way back to the team.  They were ready and waiting and Monty decided to be the one to return to Lowes to exchange a couple of particular items and get a couple more.  He had arrived with John while I was out.

Also helping today was Guy and Mike, also from Vineyard.  Guy is a contractor and also knows what he is doing.  Mike has his own landscaping business so he brought the chain saw and things needed to clean up the downed tree in Michael's back yard.  He and Shelley made quite the team!

Keith also returned and is becoming a regular along with Rob and Monty.  They were all working inside getting the new handicapped shower installed and also working in the spare bathroom.  

It was just so great to see enough people there so work could be going on outside as well as inside.  Everyone was smiling and laughing and again you could just feel the joy coming from the property.

Dallas came back for the morning.  He was wishing he could stay all day but had family committments.  The team was doubley glad he came because he let them know that his church, Fayetteville Baptist, located just around the corner and the church that had the bean dinner last Saturday that fed the team, was tonight having a hog roast!  Guess where they were all headed when they finished their work day!!!!!!

About mid afternoon Pastors Jan and Martie came by and were astonished at all the different projects going on and how much different the inside is looking!  It's always good to see them and know that they are getting to see and feel all that God is doing in and through this project!

By late afternoon I had to head back towards home.  I still had a couple of places to stop in and ask for donations for the auction.  And now here I am, the day should be ending but the team is still enjoying the hog roast and sharing bits and pieces of their day which means that sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the days God gives us! 

We are so thankful for each and every one of these volunteers who gave us one of their days "off" to come and do things that most likely they wouldn't do -- even if they were getting paid for it! They are changing lives, and not just those right there -- people are watching as they drive by and they know something awesome is going on!

Until next time . . . enjoy some time praising and thanking God in your own church tomorrow!
Susan and Monty 

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