Monday, October 03, 2011

Blessed donations

No, Solomon wasn't a donation but indulge me -- he's just too cute to not post his picture!

Today had me working on things for Michael most of the day.  I received a phone call last night from someone who had remodeled their home and they wanted to donate a couple of things.  I met with them late this afternoon and they had 2 - 5 gallon buckets of sheetrock mud, both nearly full, along with a couple of ceiling fans with lights. 

Prior to meeting for the donations I was at the local plumbing store where they have the handicapped accessible 60" shower that they want to donate.  It's an industrial grade which means it's a heavy duty shower with the grab bars molded into the side walls.  It comes in pieces, the walls are 4 separate pieces and then the base is 1.  It is already put together and the store doesn't want to disassemble it so Pastor Jan will be going to pick it up with one of his flatbed trailers later this week.  They can strap it down and he will leave the trailer parked at Michael's until our Vineyard team returns this Saturday.  They can disassemble it and the reassemble it inside as they install it.  I have no idea what these industrial grade showers retail for but what an amazing blessing for Michael!  I was also able to purchase a handicapped height toilet and a wall mount sink with faucet for his master bathroom with some funding that had come in last week.

After getting everything unloaded at his home it was time to make a few phone calls and head home. 

As I was driving and with plenty of time to think (my truck radio is broken so the quiet is thinking time for me) I realized just how God is providing what we need right when we need it!  We will be ordering all new windows (there are only 6) at the end of this week and I pray the funding to cover that cost will arrive when the windows do - about a week after being ordered.

We stand in and on faith and the promises of God.  I've watched Him do miracles a thousand times over throughout our years in disaster relief and it's exciting to see Him keep them coming!

Please continue to pray for provision and for volunteers to come and help with the work. 

Until next time . . . we are blessed to be a blessing so please bless someone today!
Susan and Monty

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