Saturday, October 08, 2011

Super Size Work Day

The temps were perfect.  The beautiful fall colors are popping out on so many trees.  The sun was brightly shining.  The team worked their hearts out and really accomplished alot today!

Rob was on the job early, complete with his trailer which was carrying his tractor!  He decided to take full advantage of the nice weather and concentrate the work outside.  He had the trench to the sewer dug by the time I got there!  Monty and I met at Lowes to get him the rest of the pipe he needed and with Keith helping with the shovel they had the lines placed and were covering them up before noon.

Monty started in with the water lines and the shut off for the outside.  That also got completed.  By the afternoon they were joined by Schel, a member of Stonegate.  He stayed all afternoon and the team got sooooo much done.  Not only are the water lines in and insulated, the sewer lines are in and covered and the back yard leveled out. 

By dinner time Sus, Schel's wife, came to the job.  Considering she just had major back surgery less than 2 weeks ago it's amazing she is out and around!  She wanted to make sure the entire team got dinner.  The Fayetteville Baptist church, which is literally just around the corner, was having a bean dinner and she and Schel treated the team to a belly full of wonderful food!

By the time Monty got home he was more than tired. No wonder, it was after 8:30pm.

We are so thankful to this group of guys who have consistently donated their Saturdays to come and work with all they've got!  I know each one of them works hard all week long but when they come to Michael's and get together you can really see and feel the joy coming from all of them.  It's that joy of the Lord thing -- again -- you really should come and join in and experience it for yourselves!

My morning started out with meeting a woman I had never met, or of, before.  Ms Wanda called me yesterday and said she had a gift card from Lowes she wanted to donate.  Could I meet here at the church?  You bet!  I met her and she talked for nearly an hour, what a woman with a servant heart!  She is knocking on the door of the age 80 and dedicates her life to helping others!  Not only did she donate the card -- she wants to purchase the ceiling fan/lights for Michael!  She said she will call me and most likely I can pick them up next week!  She brought such a smile to my face and warmed my own heart with even more joy than it already had!

By late afternoon Sus and I had spent over an hour on the phone -- cooking up a wonderful plan!  We are putting together a "funding festival" of sorts to raise money for Michael's project!  We are working on the details but plan on music, food, fellowship and fun so be sure and stay tuned for the details!  You won't want to miss it!

Remember -- if you would like to make a donation towards rebuilding Michael's life by rebuilding his home -- every dollar makes a difference -- leave a comment here and I will get back to you with details. 

We ALL can make a difference!

Until next time . . . see you in church?!                    Susan and Monty 

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