Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A New Chapter Unfolding . . .

Samuel gave it his all when it came to cleaning up trees and limbs and logs from Michael's back yard on Saturday.  And look at that smile --- he knows he's really working for Jesus!!!! 

I need to give you an update on a story I haven't even told you yet.  Working backwards . . . she came through the double surgery just fine and is on the mend, black eyes and all. 

Now moving forward . . . the morning of the festival Sus's mother in law, Evelyn, was helping with serving breakfast to all the workers.  It was a really cool morning and inside Michael's trailer was actually colder than it was outside so Evelyn and the ladies decided to come outside and sit in the sun.  As Evelyn was coming down the temporary ramp she caught her foot and went crashing to the ground -- face first!  The end result was a broken nose and a broken wrist!  When we visited her in the hospital Sunday evening she was more than ready for the surgery.  They did a double surgery and it only lasted an hour.  The damage to both areas was less than they anticipated so she is doing much better and would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery!

Yesterday was mowing day for me, 5 down and 5 to go.  Weather should be perfect to finish them tomorrow.  The leaves are falling faster than they can be mulched.  I love this time of year!  I've waited all summer to mow and not sweat profusely!

Today was Bible study where I learned even more donations came in for the purchase of the new windows for Michael's trailer!  How awesome!  Tomorrow I will go and pay for them and schedule the delivery so they can be installed at this Saturday's work day, along with the new entry doors and possibly the heating and air unit!  A really big work day on the horizon!!!!!

And this afternoon . . . I had a meeting that has opened a BIG door into IGO Disaster Relief.  Seems I am going to be taking over the rebuilding of over 20 homes right here that suffered damage from the tornados that hit here on May 25.  I remember the date as that was my birthday and we spent most all of that night in the hospital parking garage and found out that multiple tornados had hit a block behind us!

There were many homes damaged that night and the rebuilding has been more than slow.  They are struggling to get a recovery committee put together and even though some funding is available there is no coordination and so nothing is getting done.  In some places there is still debris to clean up! 

And so . . . God called . . . and here we are.  I met with some folks today and will be meeting with the recovery group in a few days.  The list of names was turned over to me today.  They are trying to see if files have been created with the needed paperwork and if so - get them to me.  If not . . . we do what we do and start with step one and schedule a home visit.  I was excited to learn that the women I met with are on board to be of help in any way possible!

Monty and I are very excited about this opportunity!  We are able to do what God called us to do and do it right here at home!  And most of the homes are less than 2 miles from our house!!!!! 

As I was talking with the women today I could feel God giving me the direction I had been praying about.  I have been asking Him why we are here for another winter and what would He have us do?  Today He let me know and as He did I could feel the life stir inside me.  This IS what we do and this IS what He called us to do --- and this time I really like the location!

So . . . we are going to need volunteers --- once again!  And now you have a choice --- we are coming around the bend with Michael's and before long will be able to see the end approaching.  And we will be starting new projects with much work needed so all skills will be needed!   Please keep this new calling in your prayers and consider coming to be a blessing!  You won't regret it!

I just love how God has all the plans already in place and all He asks us to do is be obedient!

Here we are Lord, use us and send us . . . even if it is just down the road!

Until next time . . . 29 days and the hurricane season for 2011 ends!  Praise the Lord!
Susan and Monty

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