Thursday, September 03, 2009

Putting things in order

These past few days have been quite busy. I am still in Indiana and trying to do the best I can to help Monty keep things going in San Leon.

He has been spending all his time at Mariano and Maria's working on both electrical and plumbing issues. Since we have another couple of weeks before volunteers start coming he is doing all the hands on work. The electrical inspection cannot be completed until all is done, including the gas line for the stove and the water connections. Each day Monty is getting things done but also finding other things that need done. Mariano is back on the fishing boat for another week and once he returns home we'll have him back helping us.

I have been back at our house in Bloomington the past 3 days. My mother and I headed back to prepare our home for our daughter to return home to. She has been working and living in both Florida and Boston over the past years and is ready to return home to be closer to family. We welcome her home and wanted to get things organized for her to move in and be comfortable. It was quite the job but we got things boxed and unboxed, things to the donation center and things arranged furniture wise. I wouldn't have gotten it all done in that amount of time without my mother! We did manage to have fun and laughed last night as never before. We found ourselves faced with hooking up the DVD player and the stereo system with it! This is an area I do not get into, leaving it all to Monty. It did take us nearly 2 hours to get it done but we got it done! God is a miracle worker! :)

Today we returned to Columbus where I will be for a couple of days. On Sunday I will return to Bloomington to attend church and say goodbye to my grandchildren, daughter and family. That won't be easy! Those grandchildren are adorable and I realize just how much I have missed already. It's one of the tough things about what we are called to do! In the wee hours of Monday morning I will be boarding a plane and heading back to Texas.

We did have a scare yesterday as Monty's step brother was injured in a 4 wheeler accident and although things didn't look good in the beginning he is now out of intensive care and will be fine. Aren't we blessed to have such an Almighty Healer.

I also had the pleasure of attending the final closing party for the case management team of the Long Term Recovery here in Columbus on Tuesday morning. They are down to 24 open cases which is nothing short of a miracle! The floods were around 15 months ago and this organization has been amazing, jumping in and getting the job done, getting people back in their homes! It was great to see so many friends! Great job Bartholomew County!

We are praying for those in Mexico who seem to be in the oncoming path of this current hurricane. Please join us in these prayers -- God CAN calm the storm!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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