Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tropical ?? coming?

Paul and Linda's kitchen -- just after it was completely gutted -- and now "during" the rebuilding stage. Along with the electrical "issues" that were discovered they are also working on some plumbing things that popped up. No fear -- all will be taken care of and this house will be safe, sanitary, secure and beautiful when it is completed.
Tomorrow they hope to be installing the ceramic tile flooring in both the kitchen and bath. Linda is thrilled with the handicapped accessible shower. She no longer needs to try and climb in and over the bathtub walls. As soon as the water pressure is regulated she will be able to truly enjoy a shower.
We also have some good news, Vicky's house will also be rebuilt by this same organization. They will be starting week after next and feel they will have her home within a couple of weeks! She is truly excited and more than ready to come home. FEMA has been "encouraging" her to move forward with her house so she can get out of the trailer. As long as FEMA can see a homeowner "pursuing permanent housing" they will leave the trailers. But if they see a home sitting with no progress being made they will use some deadlines to get things moving. We are thrilled Vicky's house was chosen for this special rebuild program and know she will be thrilled when things are all done.
Right now we are watching the weather quite closely. Seems there is a disturbance stirring around along the west side of the gulf and although it doesn't have the ability to evolve into a hurricane it does look like it could be a tropical storm which means ALOT of rain coming our way over the weekend. Yes, we are in a severe drought and need the rain -- but -- not in the way of tropical! As they say, "be careful what you wish for . . ." Please keep all of the west side of the gulf in your prayers.
I would also ask for some prayers. All the time I was home with my family I don't think the reality of loosing my grandmother really sunk in. It seems to be doing so now. I know in my mind that she was 96 years old and more than ready to see Jesus but . . . my heart has other things going on and even I don't fully understand it. I suppose it's all part of the grieving process?!
Anyway . . . until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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