Saturday, September 19, 2009

Amazing Women

I don't think I've seen as many women in two places as I did today! Amazing!
Well, most thought it was awesome -- but -- if you asked Paul and Linda's dog Pinkie -- her face says it all, "ok people, I'd love to have my house back again!" Priceless!
Paul and Linda did get their full kitchen back today. The pots and pans are in the cabinets, the stove is hooked up, the air conditioning unit is in the window, the family room is cleared out and looks like a family room again and the bath is not only completely painted but it's also clean! The women knocked themselves out and got it all done. My hope is that the family is actually sitting in their family room and enjoying being a family again. Although I imagine Linda is busy either cooking or baking in her new kitchen. After Daryl finished leveling her new stove today she told us she hadn't had a level oven for nearly 9 years! Now she does!
The rest of the women were back at Maria's and all the children got into the act. You can see that they all learned to paint, some on the floor and some on the ladder. They also learned to clean up the drops of paint from the tile floors and why they will, from now on, put down a cloth and be more careful! The women had the patience of Job in teaching and did fantastic! The kitchen is now "Fabulous Red", the family room and dining room beautiful along with 3 of the 4 bedrooms, bathroom, hall and back entry. They were scraping the windows, priming and then painting it all white. Little Maria always asks if we will send women with each volunteer team and after this team she will never be satisfied with anyone else again!
It's not often that we have a team come in for only 2 days and bless 3 homeowners! The impact they have left on the lives of these families will last a lifetime! Walter will remember them forever -- and they will remember him. Linda will think of them each time she enters her kitchen and Maria will have a piece of them in each room of her house. I know God is smiling and so happy that these women came and allowed Him to be seen through them!
Tomorrow we will be joining them for breakfast at the church that has so graciously been housing them, then attend worship and have to then say goodbye as they head back to 300 miles north of here! It is our prayer that they will decide to return again soon.
Thanks to each of you "girls" (hey -- I've been referring to you as guys for the past 2 days!) you have changed lives and we are forever grateful! May God return the blessings 10 fold to you.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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Art said...

What a glorious Sunday a.m. I am enjoying. My kitchen is beautiful and we have the living room back! The bathroom is completely painted and the angels that are responsible for this have my deepest gratitude. It is such a blessing to sit here and drink my coffee in a neat, clean and renovated home. Our family is blessed beyond our wildest dreams...that's how our Father works you know. He is amazing! I know the other families blessed with all your help in His Name feel the same way I do this morning. Miracles like this have a tendency to make us truly stop and realize how powerfully God works through those who take the time to listen and obey. The ladies that came to my home yesterday were remarkable and they have been added to the list of so many I will always remember as God's Dream Team. We love you all for how much you care and all you have done. Susan, Pinky wants to come live with you but I told her no. Love and Friendship, Paul, Linda and the boys