Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Neighborly Love

My flight back to Texas went just fine yesterday -- I admit I felt a bit jet lagged and worn out but today was one of those days where God showed me why I came back (other than the fact that Monty and I missed one another so very much)

The day began with the United Way Annual fundraising kickoff campaign combined with the one year anniversary of hurricane Ike (on the 13th) I was asked to be the voice for the homeowners, expressing thanks and the immense blessings the volunteers bring to the homeowners. There were way more people there than I had thought, complete with the Mayor. It was a great time and hopefully everyone has a better understanding of the bond that is built between homeowner and volunteer.

From there it was time to get back into the swing of things and see how our "families" have been doing over the past weeks. WOW -- what amazing changes!

You can see by the above photos that Walter's house has been transformed! The siding is amazing and he now has a set of steps with a landing that will enable him to get upstairs! But the most amazing thing is that the team that did the siding and steps is done -- but we met another team working inside hanging all his sheetrock and has plans for so much more! They were his neighbors! Yes, they stepped in right behind our own volunteers and really started pouring out the blessings! They will finish the sheetrock, we will come in and paint and they will continue with the installation of kitchen cabinets and complete his bathroom! Now THIS is what America should be about -- neighbor helping neighbor -- in the literal sense!

We also checked up on the work being done at Paul and Linda's -- I was double amazed! They have the kitchen completely torn out and walls back up. The handicapped accessible shower is installed and they are now working on the electrical issues they uncovered. The outside siding is up and will only need caulked and painted. What a blessing that is being poured out there!

We also stopped by Hank and Cherie's to see the installation of their carpeting happening. It's beautiful and they are beaming with joy! (And to think that someone had the nerve to tell me their mobile home couldn't be rebuilt)!!!!! Never !!!!! limit God!!!

Our last stop took us to Maria's just in time to see the children getting off the bus. Maria has outdone herself. She taught herself to not only finish sheetrock, she textured all the walls and then primed them! I told her I always knew women were amazing in construction --- she just smiled from ear to ear and continued showing us her work! We will also be painting the inside of their home next weekend with our incoming team of 20 women! Monty is still working on plumbing issues but has the entire plan in his head. That's all I need to know because once it's in his head it will come to pass - and it will be done to perfection!

An amazing day -- a day God showed me that He is at work -- even if we need to take some time to attend to other things He sends our way! I am so thankful that He took me in His arms today and warmed my heart and made me smile!

Until next time . . . be blessed and be a neighbor to someone! Susan and Monty

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