Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's 79 degrees -- the HIGH temp for the day!

WOW - they weren't kidding when they said we would get a nice cool breeze to break the heat! We actually are able to open the windows (the ones not sealed with insulation) and let some fresh air inside. But -- we must be careful as the mosquitos are out by the millions, and that's just in our front yard area!

It's been a very busy couple of days. Yesterday we all met in Galveston to try out the new estimating form. Alan has been working on it for quite some time and it really is going to be an enormous help when we go into homes to do estimates. He covered exterior, interior and everything in between. We did some practicing and my job was to estimate the sheetrock and trim. Monty got to do the flooring. We got done just in time as the skies opened and it poured rain. That makes it quite difficult to see while inside a home that has been partially gutted and has no power.

From there we headed off to the Long Term Recovery meeting where we learned some rather disturbing news about funding that was to come our way. Without going into alot of details that you wouldn't fully comprehend we found out there were "changes" made and we went from being the county to receive the most funding to the county to receive the least! And yet we are the county with the most damage! Go figure! It's alot of this and that but we are doing what we can to make our voices heard that this is WRONG! If they follow through with this new plans there will be entire cities that will not get rebuilt! Please pray that this will turn around and go back to the original plan.

Today we headed off to Lowes to purchase the final materials needed for Hank and Cherie and Garaldeen. Cherie made her final punch list with everything needed to complete their home. This will all be delivered with their new front door on Friday. All we need to do there is install the skirting around the outside of their home and we will officially pronounce it "complete" - something they have been awaiting and working toward for a long time!

Garaldeen will be getting her new decks built in a couple of weeks. We will build a new one for the back of their mobile home and add to the existing one on the front. It will be quite the job but we have a team coming in that will master the challenge with no problem.

Speaking of teams, Monty and I made a trip to the Presbytarian camp this afternoon to make final arrangements for their incoming team on Monday. We will be able to use them as our volunteers here in San Leon and are thrilled. They will house and feed them and we get to use their skills -- it's all about working together.

And our last stop of the day was to the local health clinic where we tried to complete the necessary paperwork to have Monty see a doctor for a check up. Many of you may not know that back in the summer of 2004 he had a heart attack. It took shocking him twice to bring him back. He now needs a checkup and since we cannot be checked at his doctor at home we must find one here. Not an easy task. Most everyone I called won't even see us since we carry no health insurance. No insurance, you gasp! With that kind of health history! Well, believe me, if we had it in our "budget" we would have it. Anyway -- we were referred to the local clinic where we will return tomorrow for a "short" appointment and have a "lengthy" one in 2 weeks. Pray for him!

Tomorrow begins a new day, another day God gives us to go out and follow His will. We thank Him for this calling and try to do our best each day!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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