Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Cincinnati, Ohio Presbytarians

Welcome to the "blue shirts." The Presbytarians have always been known and recognized for their blue shirts! Today was no different -- except those shirts got a bit wet at the end of the day when the thunderstorms surprised us all.
This team of 10 is from Cincinnati, Ohio and came ready to work all week. It's nice to have a team from the midwest. They don't have to be from Indiana to make us feel like a bit of home is here with us.
Two of the men are working at Mariano and Maria's. They are both very skilled in electric and plumbing so today was an "organizational" day for them. They put together their list of supplies and a plan for the rest of the week. Once again God has provided us who we need just when we need them!
The rest of the team is at Paul and Linda's where they finished up the caulking and not only touch up painting inside but also repainting their entire family room! What a blessing to Paul and Linda, especially since Paul was home sick today and had planned on doing it himself. It was also so good to see the work that had been done over the weekend by one of their boys! He did a fantastic job building a frame for their large mirror in the family room. If he wasn't in school we would "draft" him into our teams! :)
The team just got started with the last of the priming for the exterior siding when a quite large thunderstorm built from seemingly nowhere and that was the end of that! They did manage to get everything covered and will be ready to go full steam ahead tomorrow morning as these storms are supposed to be bringing a cool front with them and make tomorrow look good -- and a bit cooler than the mid to upper 90s we had today!
It's going to be a fantastic week -- I can already tell. This team came prepared for their tasks, have done this type of disaster recovery work before and have a heart for what they are doing. Be sure and stay tuned with each days blessings!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty
PS. You might wonder why I am dressed in long sleeves and long pants with the temps as they are --- the mosquitos are . . . I don't know if I can find the words other than TERRIBLE!!! I covered myself in spray on Friday and it only made me sick so today I decided to try covering up --it "sort of" worked . . . if only I could cover my head! The locals say they only last about a month --- I know I'm not supposed to pray for time to pass quickly but . . .

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