Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another GREAT Saturday team comes to town

Linda will probably shoot me for publishing these photos, she had no idea Monty was going to take them!! But -- we want to show you the "after" photos of their kitchen! It's beautiful! You can see Pinkie is quite pleased also. The family painted the dining table and chairs and Linda recovered them with fabric.

Today we have another awesome team from northern Texas who came to see what they could do to help. They were 15 strong and worked between Paul and Linda's and Mariano and Maria's. The team at Paul and Linda's caulked and primed the entire outside and also the interior trim. The entire house is transforming before our eyes and our team coming Monday will be able to paint. You can see by the photos that there were enough of the team to cover the entire back wall of the house! Many hands . . .

The rest of the team worked on the air conditioning unit and electrical at Mariano and Maria's. They cleaned and organized things inside along with installing ceiling fans and a bit more touch up work for the air conditioning. That's why Monty is up on the ladder sticking his head through the outer vent!

Pastor Kay says they would like to schedule to return in the spring for another day of being God's hands and feet! We're ready!!! There will be more homeowners, more homes and more work to be done. Those homeowners will be more than ready for the smiles, the warm hearts and willing hands.

Someone was asking me the other day how many homes we have "in progress." We are working on 12 different ones in 12 different stages but we have 4 to 5 that are just days away from being completed and stamped "done." But don't worry -- there are more coming right behind them -- folks on the waiting list who are just as excited to see us complete these as the owners themselves. They just keep on coming and we will keep on helping.

It would be nice though if we could just find something !! anything !! that would keep these nasty mosquitos from nearly chewing us up!!! I guess they come back when the temps cool a bit -- but temps are to reach 90 again the first of the week. Maybe it's a trade-off??
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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Art said...

It's Sunday a.m. a week after my last comment and as I drink my coffee, the same wonderful feeling of being blessed beyond belief is still new and fresh in my heart. Yesterday the volunteers worked on the outside of the house, as the pics show and tomorrow the paint goes on....Joy, joy, joy!!! Our home has virtually been rebuilt from the floor joists to the roof. Almost everything in between is fresh, new, and SAFE!!! Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings; You never, ever cease to amaze me! My family is so grateful for all the wonderful people who have impacted our lives so positively by listening to our Father and obeying His wishes to help those of us who were victims of Ike. As Joel Osteen says, we are not victims...but victors. All of you who have helped us to get back on our feet and enjoy life in a clean, safe home...have made us victors. God bless you for all you have done. Love and Friendship, Paul, Linda and the Boys