Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Closer and closer

They marched onward -- and the sun shone -- literally!
You can see by the photos that the 2 "men down under" are working away under Mariano's house getting the plumbing taken care of. The one photo shows how NOT to do plumbing! You just have to smile! They are working away, just the two of them, enjoying everything they are doing, no matter the circumstances. Bless you David and Harold!
Paul and Linda's house is 90% complete (wait for the photos tomorrow) and looks beautiful! They are even going back and touching up the part of the house that was already done! Each has their task and goes at it at a pace that amazes me. They literally went from working in clouds with threatening rain to sunshine this afternoon. Linda kept an eye on the radar and gave them steady reports so if they did need to pack it up they had enough time. We thank God that He once again answered our prayers and saved the day!
A surprise came mid afternoon. Seems as though the Presbytarians are receiving a team of 14 from Houston on Monday and we are the blessed ones to receive that team! The team will consist of some of those in leadership within the organization who want to come and see - and experience - the reality of what is still going on. Our plan is to have them begin the painting on the exterior of Walter's home.
Also this afternoon Maria met me at Lowes and picked out her new stove/range. She was thrilled to see the result and is very excited to see it arrive this Thursday. The men are working on the gas line and with any luck we might get it working before too long.
Mariano is working on rebuilding some of the unique trim that was above their windows on the exterior of their home. I admit that he's getting pretty creative and doing a great job! I don't know when the man sleeps as he is always working on that home!
I also had a home visit with Ms Martha this afternoon and it was one of those true heart breakers. She and her husband, both disabled, are living in conditions that would, and should, make us all cry. They have no hot water, no kitchen, no flooring, no furniture and only a mattress on the floor with a quilt to sleep with! It's a very small house and they have done what they could do to clean up the mess left after the 6 feet of water left. No money left to work with and no money coming in to work with. They barely have enough for food, which they only purchase at the beginning of the month when her check comes in! We are starting the case management process and ask that all of you pray for Martha and Steven -- any and all prayers that you can pray are desperately needed!
We will be finishing up at Paul and Linda's tomorrow and that team will be joining the down under men at Mariano's where they will once again be painting the exterior of the home! They will be professionals before they leave at the end of the week!
What a joy they are to work with and we are so thankful to Ohio for sharing them with us.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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