Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rebuilds in record time

The first photo made me laugh -- this is what happens when your home is being carpeted and you are in the way!!! The cats weren't nearly as upset as the dog but Hank and Cherie weren't concerned about any of them -- they have been waiting nearly a year to get to this point and after today they should be completely carpeted and 95% done with everything!
The next couple of shots are of Paul and Linda's. They and Walter are in the group of homes being rebuilt in record time. Paul and Linda are getting an entirely new kitchen and bath and the outside completed. A surprise awaited everyone, bare electrical wires laying underneath the house in water -- live wiring!!! Only God kept this home from burning to the ground long ago! This group is rewiring everything and it will definitely be safe when all is done. They have the outside siding complete and the sheetrock hung in the bath and kitchen. By tomorrow they will be laying the ceramic tile and ready to start installing cabinets --- and they just started this home on Saturday!
We also made a drive by at An and Tot's this afternoon and the work is getting done there. Hopefully they also will get to move home soon.
Art made it back from the hospital and is doing well. He also has sheetrock all hung and nearly finished and will be painting soon. It sure was good to see him back!
It also seems as though our summer long extreme drought is coming to a wonderful end. The clouds have been leaking off and on for a couple of days and thus lowering the extremely hot temps also. What a blessed relief! I don't know about all of you but we are ready for fall!
Thanks to all of you who are keeping up with what is going on and also keeping us in your prayers.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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