Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Outreaches Galore

Yes, this has been quite the Thanksgiving season!
The photos tell only a small bit of all the days.
On Tuesday we had the double outreach in Galveston -- see the last blog entry. Wednesday was spent preparing the meal to be taken again on Thanksgiving morning. You can see that Diane had the task of preparing 45 boxes of pasta and turning it into pasta salad. Monty is happily displaying the spice cake we sliced and packaged, all 15 of the cakes. The rest of us were busy preparing the bags, adding the condiments, chips and plastic ware while Pam single handedly made 750 ham sandwiches! We started around 9am and were finishing up around 6:30pm.
Thanksgiving morning greeted me with the "hitting the wall" syndrome! I am one of those who will keep going and sometimes it takes the "wall" to hit me to realize that I have kept going too long. It was one of those mornings. Gregg, Pam and Diane loaded up the lunches and within 90 minutes had them all handed out to those who were thankful beyond words.
There was a hot meal also prepared for those who wanted to come -- the Salvation Army reopened their doors for the first time since Ike hit and caused them so much damage. From the looks of the news the place was packed!
Gregg and Pam were able to head north to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving evening with family before heading back way north to South Dakota. It was sad to see them leave and just then we realized just how terrible the shower trailer really looked! Their trailer had kept it hidden and when they left . . .
Yesterday was spent doing this and that. We had an artificial Christmas tree donated and I got busy and put it up outside our trailer! No room inside but also no reason we can't have a tree. It came complete with more lights than I could possibly use and after a trip to Big Lots it was decorated with ribbons, just plain ribbons tied on the branches. And the miraculous thing --- it held up perfectly in the rains last night!
Today we decided we should start on the painting of the shower trailer. The skies were clearing and it was a bit cooler than the 85 yesterday. We had selected the color that looked like chocolate pudding --- chocolate cures all --- remember! :) Even though the skies did not stay clear and the temps continued to drop Diane and I got three quarters of it done. It will need a second coat but for now it looks better than before and might not be quite the eye sore to those who come to church tomorrow!
Speaking of church, tomorrow is the "official" leftovers potluck here. The tables are all set and I have a feeling there will be a mountain of food! What a great way to combine fellowship and food!
Today we also received word from our executive director that the 3 of us are to be ready to head back to New Orleans next week. There are 2 homes that need finished up. When those are completed we will be loading up the trailer and bringing supplies back here. Should be quite the busy week. We have no idea how long we'll be there but most likely 5 - 6 days or so. Another chapter in our adventure!
We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took time to realize just how blessed you are -- no matter what your situations might be --- remember that God is an awesome God and He has given all of us more blessings than we can possibly count!
Diane, Monty and I did miss seeing our families on Thanksgiving Day but we also realize that God is growing our families by leaps and bounds in our adventure of walking with Him on a daily basis!
Blessings to all of you!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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