Monday, November 10, 2008

Yet Another Day

Monday morning finds us here in Corsicana for another day and night. When Monty checked on the van he found out the parts will not arrive until late in the day. With the work still needing to be done and the weather looking anything other than friendly for traveling pulling a trailer our supervisor made the decision we should stick here for another night and we are glad he made that call. Somehow doing all the 4 hours of driving after dark with strong storms predicted isn't something to look forward to. So here we are . . .

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, a pretty good breeze held throughout the day and we thoroughly enjoyed "That Church". Even though we arrived way too early, we thought the service started at 10 but it was 10:30, we got to listen to the praise and worship team practicing. What a beautiful setting for a church, out in the open with one side of the building huge windows facing nothing but woods and pasture. Made me think heaven just might look like it did through that window. The pastor and congregation welcomed us with open arms and after hearing of our struggles welcomed us even more. We are thankful that God took us their direction.

Our UHaul truck rental has been wonderful, atleast we have a way to get around. The town is extremely small but we have been able to find anything we needed. I'm not sure what the industry is that keeps people employed though. It seems to be a really old town, quaint and cozy. I would imagine we might know every detail by the time we leave.

Thank you for your prayers and we thank God for giving us a couple of days to get some much needed rest! When we stopped to think we realized that moving to Texas was the 3rd big move we've made this year -- with not one day between any of the moves to take a rest. I guess God stepped in and took care of that! :)

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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