Friday, November 07, 2008

Convoy of Hope "reunion"

Yes, we made it to Missouri. We pushed through and arrived late last night. The drive was pleasantly uneventful -- sunshine and warm all day.

This morning we awoke to wind chills (almost forgot what that was) of 25 degrees!!! We both knew we had climatized to the southern warmth but got a bold reminder this morning and throughout the day. The clouds rolled in and never reached 50!

We headed directly to the Convoy of Hope headquarters, a place we have been waiting to visit for nearly 3 years now. I will post some photos tomorrow as we are currently in a hotel for the night.

It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. Their warm welcome really felt good! Seeing where everything happens, the warehouse, the offices and the headquarters where it all happens when a disaster happens was awesome. What an amazing organization, what an amazing group of people who only want to do what God would have them do! Beginning and ending their meeting with prayer was an added blessing. Just as we were ready to take the grand tour we ran into Fory and Cindi --- family! Hugs all around! After our meeting and taking the tour we headed out back to hook up the chuck wagon. I only wish the Concord, NC team knew how God has turned it around and put it in our own backyard again. I need to call Gwen and let her know -- maybe while we are traveling tomorrow.

Diane, Gregg and Pam continued their work in New Orleans. It looks like it will be sometime next week before they return to TX. It seems they have discovered the awesome skills that Gregg has and are trying to keep him!!! NOT!!! :)

Tomorrow morning we will head south once again -- to warmer temps for sure! We thank you ahead of time for the prayers of safe traveling.

For all of you who continue to make our ministry possible --- THANK YOU --- more than you can ever know!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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genee' said...

Hi, we made it in to Syracuse NY it was cold. I miss you already and of course the warm weather. I will be back soon with a group of people to help the trip changed my life.See you soon Genee' from Syracuse NY