Friday, November 21, 2008

The miracles continue

Here they are, nearly the entire gang of all the states! What an amazing group and what amazing miracles throughout the week!
Wednesday morning Diane, Tiffany and I were headed to the sea wall with lunch for everyone. We thought it would be a nice break for all of them and a chance to enjoy the awesome weather. While on our way we stopped for gas and ran into a woman who needed a ride to the next exit. After talking with her for only a couple of minutes we realized she was fine. As soon as she got into the van with us she broke down in tears, asking for prayer as she was trying to get her life back on track. What a God appointed stop! Please pray for Melinda as she admitted to suicidal tendencies and needs all the prayer she can get.
From there we made our trip for lunch and checking on the ongoing jobs.
The worship service/orientation on Wednesday night was awesome and had Pastor Nathan not finally ended it I think we might have been there all night! Our dinner time prior to worship was packed with team members, church members and worship leaders -- literally packing the house!
Yesterday was equally busy. Once again out went the teams, many to finish the jobs they started the day before and some to new ones. Those that were finishing jobs started a new one after lunch.
Luke spent his day shoring up the walls on one home that had been gutted. After gutting he realized it wasn't all that stable and being the Christian contractor he is -- he knew just what to do and did it to perfection.
The NewYork team found themselves gutting a duplex that was beyond any of our imaginations! All of the furniture was still in both units, complete with refrigerators. The toilets had backed up into the house, nearly 4 inches deep! You get the picture! And this location was in an area where many people might not have even gone into. Yet this team went in, used the safety in numbers concept and did a fantastic job. They are returning there this morning to finish and to also cover the exposed walls and floors in scripture and possibly surround the house with prayer! They were putting their ideas together last night before dinner and were ready to go!
Speaking of dinner, our executive director came and blessed everyone with some very special barbequed chicken for dinner last night. It was fantastic and enjoyed by all.
A couple of the men are here working around camp today, inside the kitchen area, in the shower trailer, in one of the bathrooms and with any electrical or plumbing issues. It is always a God thing when we receive volunteers with specialized skills as they come just when they are needed most! I think it's one of those promises in the Bible!?
We are just getting this day started and are anxious to see what God has in store for all of us!
Don't miss it!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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