Monday, November 17, 2008

4 states, 1 on the way

Yes, it's been quite the weekend and quite the Monday!
Over the weekend we had volunteers from Indiana, Wisconsin and 2 from Colorado arrive; some during the middle of the night and others at "normal" times -- all a bit tired as they all drove longer than most wanted to imagine!
Yesterday was a day of worship, arrivals, orientations, trying to catch up on lost sleep, unpacking and arranging sleeping areas for "mixed" teams. There wasn't a dull or spare moment to be had! And didn't someone say Sundays were supposed to be a day of "rest"??? :)
This morning all were up bright and early and enjoyed a full breakfast at 7am. From there the teams were divided, some going to Pastor Ken's church in Galveston and others going to Ninfa's home, also in Galveston. ALL of the work we are doing is there, which is 30 minutes from here but all interstate driving.
At Pastor Ken's they are using a tile stripper to get the tile from the floors. Tough work but they are working as if it must be done today! They are also pulling paneling from the walls and anything else that still needs removed. With their mask, gloves and safety glasses on they were ready and willing.
The other part of the teams are working at gutting Ninfa's house. Her home has been in her family for 5 generations and it has 12' ceilings -- quite the challenge -- even with ladders. With most of the teams there they are getting the work done in great time. As you will note in the one photo --- when you pull wet insulation out of a home you are bound to find the wonderful (yet large) brown bugs behind the moisture!!! Finding them, even when you know they are hiding, is certain to bring shrill screams which burst forth from the house! Ninfa herself came to check things out --- and within 5 minutes she had to leave--tears streaming down her face! It was just too much --- until --- she took some time to grieve, some more time to change clothes and she returned to work right along side of the team in pulling nails and getting things torn out and cleaned up! Somehow I know there is alot of ministry going on within those damaged walls today! Praise God for giving us all the strength we need -- when we have none in reserve!
Be sure and stay tuned this week as it is bound to hold more stories and even more miracles resulting in lives being changed forever!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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