Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trailer transformation

I had hoped to show you more photos but once again -- blogger has a mind of its own and isn't cooperating!

For the past 2 days this is what we have been doing -- revamping the shower trailer! It went from beige with a nasty orange "trim" to a wonderful chocolate brown, no trim but a newly rubberized roof in bright white. Awesome and quite a job!

Yesterday was a bit more of a challenge as we were painting and the winds were blowing the ladder with wheels down the parking lot! We were bundled up underneath our painting clothes and neither Diane or I could get warm last night, sort of chilled to the bone.

Today was much better, sunshine and light breezes. We started with helping Monty coat the roof. He spent the morning walking across the top of the trailer, balancing on the 2 inch roof trusses and praying to not miss one and step clear through the roof and land on the floor. Diane and I worked the sides and edges. We will need to apply another coat and possibly a third but even now it looks great. Diane even got busy and painted the steps leading to both the mens and womens sides!

By early afternoon I was on my way to the Long Term Recovery meeting. It was only the 2nd one since they have formed a group and it's in the usual mass confusion of the beginning. Everyone wanting to help and no one having money to work with. Relationships are in the beginning stages and on Monday I will once again be attending case management training meetings. It takes some time to get these Long Term Recovery committees headed on a productive path but once they do . . . results!

I also received a phone call from Pilar this morning -- she received an offer on her duplex and plans to sell it, no matter how low the offer. She really doesn't have much of a choice as she is ready to loose her own home due to lack of mortgage payments and has no other means of income. It's really the best thing for her but I do wish she could've gotten a better offer. God will provide and she places all of her trust in Him!

Tomorrow all 3 of us will be heading into New Orleans to load up and bring back many of their tools and such and bring them to our camp. We also might be lending a hand to help complete their last 2 homes for the homeowners. We hope to be back in a couple two or three days and until then we will be "off-line."

Be sure and stay tuned, so many things going on and all right before the holiday!!!!!

Until then . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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Pastor Donald Andreasen said...

Sending some love from the Andreasen's and CFA!

It's cold up here in Columbus.

Trust you all are doing OK.


Pastor Don Andreasen