Saturday, November 08, 2008


What a difference a few minutes can make! And isn't life always an adventure?!

We were up early this morning and on the road back to Texas by 7:30am. Sun shining, wheels rolling and warmer temps welcomed us back to the road.

By around noon we had made it through the traffic through the huge city of Dallas. Around 200 miles north of Houston we noticed a "not so good" sound coming from the front of the van. We had plenty of prayers over the chuck wagon we were pulling but this sound was coming from the van, the passenger side tire area. It literally sounded like it was grinding its way right off the van. When we stopped at a local tire place to ask the gentleman his comment was "oh my, I can't fix that." He told us about Meinekee so away we went, all of 5 miles per hour with the flashers on the entire 3 miles. By the time we reached it we were both praying outloud that God would just hold the tire on the van.

We did make it and they can fix it --- when the parts come in on Monday!

After a phone call to Phil, the Mercy Response director we made the decision to wait it out --- but we needed a place to stay. About that time Diane called to check in --- and she got busy on line and located a La Quinta for us (they are one of the few hotels that allow dogs) so we got those arrangements made and the owner of the repair shop drove us to the hotel with his own vehicle. I think he truly felt sorry for us!

Now we get to the hotel, find out they DO have laundry facilities (we didn't pack for that many days) but have no means of transportation for meals! This is REALLY small town -- no taxis and the only car rental place is closed. Once again --- Diane and her computer to the rescue. She calls and says she found a UHaul truck place who has a smaller truck and would be willing to deliver it to us --- and we have 30 minutes to call him back before he closes for the weekend.

We made the call, they delivered the truck and we can now get food for ourselves and the dogs! The hotel understands our situation and will make it possible for us to have a later check out on Monday, depending on when the parts come in and how long it takes for them to make the repairs.

Live is an adventure! And we seem to have more than our share at times!

Now comes finding a church for tomorrow morning --- remembering that it will be Sunday! I get the trusty yellow pages and check to see if there is an Assembly of God locally. We've attended them for so long it feels like a bit of home. And yes --- there is one --- That Church! No, I am not kidding, that IS the name! I somehow see an award winning photo of us in our UHaul rental truck parked near the church sign saying "That Church."

As I said, an adventure!! We are safe, we will have food, we are in the process of having clean clothes, we have access to a computer, we have beds and we know God is in this whole thing! He's the one that continues to give us the sense of humor during our adventures!

Be sure and stay tuned for tomorrow --- who knows!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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