Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Double Outreach Day


We did 2 outreaches in one day!!!!!

The morning started with finishing preparations for our outreach of vitamin water, regular water, baby products and hygiene products. I don't know the count of everything but I do know the 1 ton van was packed floor to ceiling along with the tool trailer attached. We landed --- and in less than 20 minutes it was all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, every last bit of anything we had! God was moving and it was incredible. Just as we were closing up everything a woman with 3 small children approached and asked for a box of baby products -- we had none left. But --- without her knowledge her young son had picked up a box for her just minutes before and she was brought to tears!

Since that one went so well and so quickly we decided to return to the camp and make hot dog lunches and return to hand them out. After a trip to get food products, grilling 750 hot dogs and preparing all the sack lunches with chips and cookies it was back to Galveston for the second outreach of the day.

I had to jump out of the picture to head to the Long Term Recovery Meeting but upon arrival they had decided to cancel it due to the holiday week. They had no phone to reach everyone so --- I headed on to Galveston and met the others there.

The people were there waiting for us. We set up the area and in less than 2 hours we had all 750 hot dogs gone!!!! We also gave out another monster batch of vitamin water and regular water. Absolutely amazing. The folks couldn't thank us enough, people driving by on the street called out their thanks for us being there --- a God thing all the way.

All of today brought us to another plan --- for Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow we will be preparing ham sandwiches and lunch bags of goodies to return to Galveston Thanksgiving Day for another free lunch. From there we will then head to our own dinner. It's just impossible for any of us to sit down and indulge ourselves knowing the need, seeing the need, feeling the need and hearing God's call for us to act!

As we packed up after our 2nd outreach we told those still there that we would be returning on Thanksgiving Day and the smiles were priceless!

Please keep these families and folks in your prayers over this holiday season. As you all gather together with your families please realize that not only is it impossible for them to gather due to their homes being destroyed, they don't have the finances! Disaster don't look at the calendar before they hit. Prayer is the most powerful thing ALL of us can do!

Monty spent his day working on the shower trailer, working in the warehouse and just keep up with the keeping up of the camp maintenance. The shower trailer now has curtains hanging at all the windows, ones that won't fall down and ones that will keep some privacy for all inside. He also created a way to hold the tin on the outsides even better. He keeps the rest of us going!

We thank all of you for keeping up with us as we travel through the chapters God has written for our lives. YOU are the ones that keep us traveling forward!

Be blessed!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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