Friday, November 14, 2008

Camp Changing

As you can see, camp is taking on a whole new look! Gregg, Pam and Diane made it back safely on Wednesday. We also received the shower trailer the night before. It came in after dark and in the pouring rain but it made it. You can barely see it in the background, it has an orange stripe around it. There are 2 entry doors, men's and women's. Both have 2 showers, vanities and toilets; everything you could ask for. After a trip to Lowes for cement blocking Monty and our Georgia team got it leveled and blocked safely.
Yesterday was spent getting it powered up and water run. Our trailer was also "hard piped" into the sewer lines making it possible for us to just pull the drain plugs under the trailer to dump the black and gray water tanks. Makes life a bit easier. We also have the proper power connection also.
The other 5th wheel in front of the shower trailer is Gregg and Pam's. They will be with us throughout next week before they head to Dallas for a family Thanksgiving. Gregg has been busy helping the guys get everything hooked up and working. Even Pastor Nathan was out there working away - it took "all hands on deck".
Yesterday Pam and I toured the entire city of Galveston taking flyers to all the hotels that our still housing hurricane families. We are offering free house gutting to all of them and hope we will be able to reach those who need the help and don't know where to turn. We not know every square inch, every road and every street in the city! We figure we passed out nearly 400 flyers and are waiting to see the results. By the end of this week the city will no longer be picking up the trash at the edge of the streets and homeowners will be responsible for getting a dumpster on their sites for all the trash. Diane was able to reach the city and they will be sending work our way to try and expedite the cleanup!
Shortly after dinner we welcomed another team from Georgia. The men from Atlanta arrived Tues night and will be here through tomorrow. This team will be here until Sunday morning. Tomorrow we will be welcoming 2 teams who will be working for the day. And next week is our big week. Most all of those teams will be arriving this Sunday, teams from Greenwood, IN, Colorado, Georgia, Wisconsin (Diane's home church) and another city in Colorado. It will be an awesome week.
As you can tell, things are rolling at quite the speed -- and going well. We are hoping to see teams continue to sign up and come to help. With both holidays just around the corner we realize people are busy with family things but just know that we will be right here for both and would love to continue to bless the people right here! Just let us know if you are interested in coming down for some warm weather!!
Until next time . . . thanks to all the families who are sharing their loved ones with us this week and the upcoming weeks! Susan and Monty

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