Tuesday, November 04, 2008

De Ja Vu

We made it back from our trip to New Orleans --- I wondered when we left nearly 13 months ago if we would ever be back --- God knew the next chapters!

Our trip over was once again plagued with tire "issues" that caused us a 90 minute plus delay but we were near a Walmart and they plugged our tire that had a nail in it and we were on our way.

Once there we settled in with Diane in the trailer she is temporarily staying in while she helps them finish the last 2 homes they are working on before they close that camp. Just as we pulled in we were directly behind Gregg and Pam who drove in from South Dakota === family reunion time!! We last saw them in March and April when they came to Mississippi to be a part of our second speed build of Ms Ollie's home!

Once again God brought our little "family" back together again. They will also remain in New Orleans over the next week or so, with Diane, helping on those homes. From there the three of them will head west and join us back here in Webster. We hope to have them stay and work with us for another couple of weeks after they arrive here.

Monty and I spent all day yesterday with Jeff, the camp director there. We loaded the trailer completely full -- and I do mean full! We have cots, generators, ladders, tools, 2 washers and 2 dryers --- you name it and we probably have it in the trailer! Other than the occasional lizard, salamandor, frog or spider climbing out of PVC pipes or pallets the day was uneventful and we accomplished our goal.

We were joined by even more "family" at our evening dinner. Mark and Jess who met each other while working in New Orleans and were married this past January joined us for dinner. They brought Suzanne with them who has been volunteering there since who knows when! Both Jess and Suzanne are from Indiana so it's always nice to talk with someone from home. We had a nice dinner and spent some time walking -- just like old times sake! We bid them farewell, all realizing that God has some people interacting all throughout their lives and we are some of "those" people --- and are blessed to be such!

This morning Monty and I headed back west, trailer in tow. This trip was pleasantly uneventful and in much less time than the first.

We had no more than landed in the parking lot when our director called and asked if we would take another trip up to Missouri to pick up the chuck wagon being donated by Convoy of Hope. This chuck wagon was designed and built by a team from North Carolina who came and spent a week with us in MS. It is an amazing piece of work -- complete with industrial size cooking things and will be used here to cook meals for the incoming teams. The women have currently been using the church kitchen but the city isn't too pleased with that idea so this chuck wagon will be yet another answer to prayer.

It appears we will head north in a day or two --- we've never been to Missouri so it's another adventure awaiting. I would ask that our "tire demon" leave us along this time !!! :)

This trip brought us new friends who will no doubt become family and returned past family to us once again. In one sense it felt as if we had never left -- that comfortable feeling you have when you're with family. Relocating is always exciting but always a bit stressful getting to know new friends and them getting to know you. We are so blessed to have our family grow each and every day! Thank you, Lord, for choosing us for this mission! May we bring joy to your heart and a smile to Your face in everything we do and say!

Until next time . . . hug an existing family member and meet a new one! You'll be glad you did!
Susan and Monty

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