Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Through the Storms

Yes, we finally made it back to "home".

We slept through the nasty downpouring storms that went through south of Dallas last night to awake to more of them this morning. Fortunately the chuck wagon was parked on "high" ground and pulled out just fine.

We were on the road early and drove through some of the hardest downpours of rain either of us have ever seen! It's one of those "how bad was it?" things --- the interstate was flooded!!!! Yes, the interstate was down to one lane through the northern part of Houston, something I've never seen and something that had drivers traveling at the high speed of 35 mph.

Once we hit southern Houston the clouds let up and we came in fine. BUT . . . this evening those storms made their way here and we learned that the steps to our trailer now step out into a small pool! Good thing all trailers are going to be relocated over the next few days!

Yes, alot of relocation will be going on out back. The shower trailer from the New Orleans camp arrived late this evening, all 40 plus feet of it. It's actually a semi trailer that has been made into showers, toilets and vanities and works fantastically well. Phil is working on a plan to get everything arranged, our trailer, the one that will come for Diane to live in, the shower trailer, the chuck wagon -- an actual relief camp. The rains are supposed to subside and we are praying the weather man is on target or alot of people will be soaking wet!

At this moment we are awaiting the phone call from the Georgia team who is flying in this evening. I have no idea how flights are going with this weather but we will be here to get them settled in -- no matter what time it is. There are 3 of them and we have work already lined up for them tomorrow -- continue the gutting of Ms Saralynn's home.

Teams from all over will be coming and going over the next few days. And next week is our big week where the total number of team members is now around the 60 mark. This consists of quite a few teams from all over the nation. Alot of planning goes into preparing for these big weeks and it will definitely be exciting!

Tomorrow Diane, Gregg and Pam will pack up their trailer and head this direction. We are thankful to hear that although Pam's son was involved in a terrible car accident last night he is fine. It was that phone call that every mother never wants to receive but God protected him and we are forever thankful!

For now, we get the shower trailer driver safely on the road back east, we await the team and listen to the pouring rains. All from "home", thank the Lord!

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