Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's done and ready to go

He's just keeping an eye on things!
Monty's truck is done and ready to hit the road. He changed a belt this afternoon, did some final cleanup on it and it's ready. He says it drives better and we no longer have diesel fumes coming up through the cab so I guess that is a good thing!
We had a wonderful lunch with Mike, Faye, Mike Jr and Y'Keisha today. It was so great to sit with them and visit and yet so sad to think that in just a couple days we will have to leave them. Mike Sr is doing well. Still doing the dialysis every other day and Faye is having alot of back pain where she had a broken vertebrae. I think she is just trying to do too much lifting and moving things in the new house, the old FEMA trailer and their storage unit. She has a doctor appointment in a couple of weeks and that should get her some relief. I just cannot tell you how much I will miss them. They had a school picture of Jacquez, their 6 year old grandson for us! Who knows how much he will have grown the next time we see them! They said they would like to plan a day trip to New Orleans to come and see us there -- pray that they can do just that! They are truly family and God blessed us so much by bringing them to us! I plan to make one last visit to their home tomorrow morning. Ms. Faye wants me to come and see the house now that it is all done and they are moved in. Pray I don't soak the carpet with tears! :(
I mentioned the storm on the east coast last night. It seems that it has now been given a name and is headed toward the south. This puts it in line with Ft. Lauderdale where my daughter just moved. Your prayers would be appreciated. Nothing would make this mother happier than to have the storm head back out to sea and away from land!
Diane and I made a visit to Teen Challenge this afternoon to thank Pastor Steve for all he has done for us. He could surely use your prayers also as his health is not all that good right now. He is battling high blood pressure problems and not doing well with the battle. He has such a wonderful ministry for the women there and is truly one of God's special people. We would love to see him feeling better again.
I have a special note for Diane's grandchildren. I understand that you are missing "Grammy" very much right about now and have been quite sad that she is not there with you. Your Grammy is missing all of you just as much (if not more) and will hopefully be seeing you before too much longer. Pray for her and remember that God has her doing a very special job for Him right now and because she is doing what He wants her to do He is very happy and surely has a big smile on His face!
We all wish nothing more than to lead our own lives in a way that puts a smile on God's face each and every day!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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