Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some much needed R & R !!

Yes, we are back and truly enjoyed some much overdue rest and relaxation -- and some sunshine and clear water and white sand!
Monty, Diane, myself and our 2 dogs found Pensacola to be absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have ordered more perfect weather! Sunny days with temps in the low 80s with waves high enough to play in, once we got used to the "chilly" waters!
The main question we asked ourselves was "when can we come back?"
But we are back now and will be more than busy over the next few days. The final preparations to get moved are now directly in our faces. Monty has some work to get done on his truck, the wheel barings on the camper trailer have to be "packed" and tools and personal things have to be gotten ready.
And that doesn't include making trips to say goodbye to sooooo many people here who have become our friends! Since we are constantly in the public I think we know more people here than we do in our hometown!
I have a couple of updates for everyone. First, Tony and Shirley's granddaughter is doing well and they are thankful to everyone for keeping her in your prayers.
Second, please keep my youngest daughter, Lindsay, in your prayers. Tomorrow she will be making the journey to her new job in south Florida. It's a long drive and I would appreciate knowing she is covered in prayer, not only for the trip but for the entire relocation and job process. Thank you!
We did have an added blessing to our trip. My son and his new bride were honeymooning about 90 minutes from where we were so we made the trip there and had dinner with them the first night we were there. It was so good to see them and spend a few hours with them. They didn't even mind us jumping in on their honeymoon!!!!
We trust all of you out there are doing well. Once again, we thank everyone for coming with us as we make this new transition into New Orleans. Please continue to pray for us, for guidance and wisdom to know and do what God has in store for all of us.
Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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