Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Catch up

Didn't know if anyone had ever seen a tool shed with a cross on top! When you are working where we are every cross helps!
The guys were busy working away on the new enclosed porch area all day today. As you can see, holding up 2x12s isn't a one man job. It's late afternoon and so far it hasn't rained on them. It seems it's rained everywhere else today but not on them. Maybe the cross???
Today has been a catch up day for me. There were alot of computer details that needed done with the move and I think they are all done. One can never be certain but one can hope.
Diane and I took a different route to the church this afternoon and I wonder if I will ever get used to the magnitude of the devastation? House after house after house after business after restaurant after whatever -- all empty, all demolished, all gone. You do see a few workers around, hear some construction sounds around, see a few cats running through the empty homes, it's just mind boggling. Seeing the "report" painted on the outside of the homes. The report has the date the military came through the home checking for bodies, their initials and the number of dead found. If they found dogs or cats they noted it. This info is painted on the home, no matter if it is brick, vinyl siding or whatever. We went by one today where you could see the clothing still hanging in the windows. Seeing these things day after day after day becomes the "normal". It's been that way for everyone here for 21 months now.
The big news in todays paper? The FEMA trailers that have become home to so many will remain until March of next year, at no cost to the residents. Come March of next year they will be able to remain living in them for a small cost of $50 per month. That policy will remain for the following year. At that time (2008) they will be required to pay $600 per month. The trailers will also be available for the residents to purchase them. Can you imagine living in a camper trailer for nearly 2 years? Monty and I have done it and there is no way to describe living so "close" to each other. It is something you must experience to fully understand. We have a choice to live that way, these residents don't.
When you go to bed this evening think about New Orleans and all those who suffered such horrendous loss with Katrina. Thank God that you have a spacious bed to lay down in, that you have room in your bathroom move about. Thank God that if a storm comes through with some pretty gusty winds you don't feel your home move and worry that it might blow away. Thank God that when you look out your windows to your neighbors that you HAVE neighbors! You may not be close friends with them but maybe you should be. Down here it took neighbors to rescue neighbors, to save their lives. What if your neighbor had to save you? Would you even know their name?
Until tomorrow . . . Monty and I thank God for YOU! Susan and Monty

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