Monday, May 14, 2007

We're Here!

Here it is -- home sweet home!!!!

Don't be mistaken, look closely. There are 2 trailers in this photo. Together they make the size of 1 regular mobile home! We are thrilled to have our own shower and a small kitchen; the finer things in life! :)

It was a very long day on Saturday but we made it without incident. The rains even held off for us. I can't say the same for the heat! We're already in the 90s, summer is here whether the calendar says so or not. But we did enjoy the cookout they had planned and it was a great time of fellowship and getting to know the workers that are our neighbors. We also got Diane all situated in her new surroundings and laughed when we looked and saw that she is next to the only tree on the property. She had already made a nice little sitting area under the tree but also realized that when one is sitting the mosquitos (which are the size of small horses) come for their own feast!

Yesterday we went to church and it was great! Pastor Teresa had a wonderful message and all us mothers received a small gift. This church serves a dinner for the entire congregation EVERY Sunday and we had a feast this week, something extra special for the mothers.

When the storm hit here (the church is in the heart of the 9th ward) every single member lost their home and every single member left town and have not returned. There was doubt as to whether it would even continue to be a church. Pastor Teresa had another plan. She took hold of this church, renovated the downstairs into a cafe and there are around 70 plus people coming each Sunday! I'd say God is moving at quite a pace here!

From church we decided we needed to make a trip to Walmart to pick up some things. Well, the trip consists of driving 31 miles to get there! When I tell you that there is nothing in the area we are I REALLY mean there is nothing! In the subdivision where we live there are only 3 homes being lived in! If we decide to go to the nearest grocery store it's also a 15 minute drive! So we did our best to stock up on what we could. Oh yes, the Lowes is across from Walmart so it is also not a "quick" trip to get materials needed.

Today we were still busy getting things put away and trying to finish up the organizing of things. We were given a chest of drawers and some pots and pans -- both of which we are not used to being blessed with. I might even be able to cook a thing or two now! :) Monty was busy with Mark and Ezra getting the materials needed to close in the area behind the church. They plan to make it a patio area where teams and staff can meet to fellowship and not be eaten alive by the bugs. There will be 9 windows in the place and tomorrow they will be "raising the roof" literally! We are keeping Joel's mother (he is the director) in our prayers as she is having some surgery this week. He is there with her and God willing, he will return here this weekend. We also pray for his safe travel.

Diane and I finally made our way to the church this evening to be able to go online and therefore send our love to all of you out there who have been covering us with your prayers. As I have said, God specifically spoke to me and told me to "take back the city". That cannot be done without your prayers lifting and holding us up. We ARE living a dream and thank you for making it possible.

I hope to be able to reach you through the blog each day from now on. If I do miss a day please bear with me. This week is alot of re-adjusting and next week I should be here at the church fulltime and able to blog every single day again.

We pray all of you are doing well. Don't forget to count your blessings!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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