Friday, May 04, 2007

Pastor Rick

Posing at one of the monuments at the museum. You decide which one is the bronze statue!!

Today was one of those days where it rains all day and you really know you are living in a swamp land! Makes it difficult to get much done but we are making progress. Our "out" date is set forthe end of next week.

Monty took his truck to be looked at this morning and it seems there are a couple of major "issues" that must be taken care of before we go or we just might end up with the axles coming apart and our tires falling off while traveling west. Not a good thing so it will be going into the shop next week and will most likely be there for a few days.

We have an extremely urgent prayer request for this evening. Pastor Rick is hospitalized with chest pains. He was taken to the hospital this afternoon and they have decided it best to keep him overnight. He is resting as comfortably as possible but still in some discomfort. Prayers for healing would surely be appreciated, for him and his wife Vickey, their entire family and the church congregation. Monty and I both know how quickly chest pains can change peoples lives. We thank you for surrounding Pastor Rick with your prayers of healing. God is in the business of healing and aren't we all glad He is!

Until tomorrow . . . Hug your loved ones especially close tonight. Susan and Monty

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