Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting settled continues

Thought I would show you the inside of the church here in the 9th ward and the "office" area that I will be using. The office is located upstairs on the second floor area. We cleared out a corner area and used what was available to make it work. You would be surprised at how easy it is to get something set up! No fancy desks and things needed, just some space and work with what you can find! It's actually fun to see what you can create from something else!
The inside of the church itself shows you that the pews are long gone and we sit on chairs for services. The floors are also still concrete and the block walls lasted through the 11 feet of water that stood inside the building for over 3 weeks! The church organ was destroyed but the altar area made it. Just today I was able to see photos that Pastor Teresa had taken immediately after the flood waters were pumped out and it just simply takes your breath away! The thickness of the mud alone is a sight unlike anything I have ever seen! They have come a long way and yet still have a long way to go!
Yesterday was a day of meetings. With a team of people in operation our responsibilities can be divided up and no one is overloaded. Monty and I will be working with the homeowners and scheduling the jobs for the volunteers to do while they are here. Joel already has a book of around 125 homes needing help. Guess we have a good place to start! I will also be helping Pastor Teresa with the church. They not only lost possessions, they lost 100% of their congregation AND office staff! She has been operating for nearly 1 1/2 years with absolutely NO staff and can really use the help! She has such a tremendous committment to this operation -- 10 years to be exact! As soon as their website is up and operating I will let you know the web address and you will be able to see things on another level.
As I have said before, the name of this rebuiling effort is Hands 2 Go and it should also have a website before too much longer. The Tshirts are at the printer as we speak! :)
Fory and Cindy from Convoy of Hope paid us a visit this morning. It was really good to see them and we are so thankful to them for making the connection with Hands 2 Go for us. They realize the calling God has placed on our lives because they have the same calling! Bless you both for everything you have done and continue to do!
The enclosed porch at the church where we live is coming along quickly. All of the 9 windows are now in and they are probably putting the roof on as I write this. It will be such a blessing to the teams who come and stay with us. It's a place where everyone can gather, discuss the day and get to know everyone better. As soon as I get more photos I'll show you!
Until tomorrow . . . hug your neighbor and thank God for them! Susan and Monty

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