Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yes, if you look closely behind the tree you will see Diane's new "home". And yes, those vehicles are just as close as they look -- and there are more that you cannot see! The only way to get the full view would be an airial shot and last time I checked I couldn't fly and had no desire to do so!
The other photo was taken this morning as the men started "raising the roof" on the building. The tin is being removed, saved will be reattached when the project is done. They are raising the roof and enclosing the entire area for us and the volunteers. There will be windows and it will be air conditioned so any and all of us can sit outside in the summer and not be carried away by the mosquitos or die from the heat and humidity. Stay tuned as this is the project for the week.
The project had to take an intermission as the storms rolled over us, dumping (and I mean dumping) a deluge of rainfall. Just walking back to our trailer I was in water up to my ankles, and this is in the yard complete with grass! I suppose that should be expected when you live below sea level!!! It might take some getting used to though! And we won't even talk about how the dogs will need swimming lessons just to get across the street to do their "business"!! :)
Our new next door neighbors, Allen and Dovie, are from Delaware. Today Dovie started a blog, written from her perspective. If you would like to follow along with them also just go to the blog address of www.noallendovie.blogspot.com. They also left their home and have committed to working this relief effort for the next year. Please keep them in your prayers also.
Thank you for all the prayers you continually pray for us.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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