Friday, May 18, 2007

It's coming together

We are back. Sorry for the lapse last night but we are still traveling to Mobile, Alabama for our classes in mission training and now the trip is a bit longer than from Mississippi.
As you can see by the photos the addition being put on the back of the church is coming along nicely. Everyone is lending a hand, even me! Diane surprised me with this "lovely" pose! :)
Monty, Mark, Ezra and Diane have been working away and it just might be ready for the windows to be installed later today or tomorrow. It will definitely be a haven for those of us living on site. There has to be someplace to get away from the mosquitos or they will carry you away!
Dovie and Mike have been busy painting at the church in the 9th ward. It is looking better by the day and I think both of them have seen enough paint to last them awhile. Mike is leaving tomorrow as he only had a couple of days between stops to come and lend a hand. Dovie and her husband, Allen, are here for the next year.
We are also enjoying a break from the heat. That doesn't happen often down here and it's nice to be out enjoying it. The directors planned a special outing for us all this evening. We are going to a minor league baseball game here in town. With the weather being so nice it will just add to the fun. This is a special treat for us because our son in law back home is the high school baseball coach and played in the minor leagues after college.
Speaking of back home, today is our grandson's 2nd birthday!!!!! It's tough not being able to be there as they are having a party tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE, even if you can't read this!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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