Monday, May 07, 2007

Repairs for preparation

If you put your nose close enough to the screen you just might be able to smell it!

Today was the beginning of some repair work on Monty's truck. As I said before, some of this has needed done for quite some time and we just had to put it off. Now there is no more delaying -- it must be able to not only make the trip west but it must be able to make two trips, each one pulling a trailer. Hopefully it will all be done over the next couple of days and ready to haul.

Just getting our tool trailer ready to go has taken some time. Tools have a way of getting rather spread out in several locations. Once they were all rounded up it was then time to get them into the trailer, and balanced for hauling. It's really close! :)

And then there was the near last minute shopping needed. Since we don't really know where the stores are that are open we decided it best to make sure we are sort of stocked up on some things before getting there. I know there are two grocery stores but where the Walmart was near where we will live, well, it's no more. I don't even know for sure where we are to get gas and diesel fuel so we'll make sure we go in as close to full as possible.

We have also learned that trying to locate places online isn't accurate. Take for instance our bank. I went to one of the local branches here and asked where the closest one would be there. They pulled up 6 locations, 5 of them destroyed! The only way to know they were destroyed was to check for their hours of operation.

All we'll need is a map and some time to travel. BUT --- most of the street signs are still missing so this time it will take a bit more time! God and His sense of humor again! :)

In today's devotion it talked of SPEM prayer as an outline to use when praying for missionaries. Thought I would pass it on for those of you who are keeping us held up in prayer.

SPEM stands for spiritual, physical, emotional and mental areas of prayer.

Spiritual for the truth that leads to spiritual understanding, eliminating confusion.

Physical for the security and rest we find in God.

Emotional for relief from distress.

Mental for insight and wisdom and the peace that can only come from God.

For all of you who have been our "prayer warriors"--THANK YOU! I just thought this little outline was "right on" the dot!

Until tomorrow. . . thank you for the prayers that hold us up and make it possible for us to continue the calling God has placed on our lives! Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

right on!


Catherine said...

Susan, I read your blog almost every day and I am amazed at how the Lord is using you, Monty and Diane.We are RVMap-ers and were in Escatapa for three weeks and I was the one who stopped in daily to take pictures at the Moores construction. We are now back in Maine with family, friends and attending our home church, but I so wish that I was there with you working for the Lord and making a difference in those folks lives. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.! You are awesome! HE is awesome! Love and Prayers, Catherine in Maine