Saturday, September 02, 2006

Welcome Texas

There was supposed to be a photo of Diane's new grandson here this evening but for some unknown reason it will not upload to this program. I am hoping Diane will send me another one so we can try it again. Everyone likes to see brand new babies and he is adorable!

This morning brought some good news. One of our Spanish friends had knee surgery yesterday and today we learned he did well and after staying off of it for 3 days he should be doing even better. He does alot of interpreting for us with some of our other Spanish friends and has been a great blessing to all of us.

We welcomed the team from Splendora, Texas this evening. This is the team that invited us to speak at their church a couple of weeks ago so it was especially nice to see them again. There are 6 of them and they will be quite a blessing to the family where they will be working this week. By the end of the week they will have mastered some new skills and will feel right at home. Tomorrow they will attend church with us and most likely take the afternoon to travel the coastline and get a feel for what really happened in the storm.

We used this day to wrap up a few organizational items and the usual preparations for an incoming team. Nothing really exciting to report on but things that just need done. Monty has nearly completed his reorganization of the electrical supply room using his newly designed and built shelves. This has made a wonderful improvement in the ability to find supplies we need for the jobs. When supplies and tools are coming and going during the work week things can get rather messy rather quickly.

For all of you who are enjoying the last real weekend of summer we pray you will be safe and enjoy the time you have. May God give you peace. Be sure and thank Him for the uncountable amount of blessings you have when you attend your house of worship tomorrow.

Until tomorrow ... be safe.... Susan and Monty

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