Saturday, September 16, 2006

Monty catches crabs on his birthday!!??

Here is how we spent Monty's birthday! We returned to the bayou and caught a big mess of blue crabs!!! Our bucket was nearly full and some of them were nearly 7" from point to point!

It's a relaxing time, listening to the water, being with nature and watching the miracles of God all around us!

The highlight of my day was when I caught an alligator!! Okay, he was only about 5' long but he was awesome! I dangled the bait (a chicken neck) on the string and he headed straight for it. He hung on and pulled quite hard until he did the jerk and flip over thing and that neck snapped off the line and away he went. I was able to pull him up out of the water while on the string and he was heavier than I thought! I fed him 3 times and he was full!

We took all of the crabs to Faye and Mike as a surprise. She was boiling the water within a minute of us walking in the house and was thrilled! Mike was on his way home from dialysis and he would be quite surprised. They all love crab and we loved catching them so it worked!

This morning we had to break some news to Mike and Faye. We will NOT be able to rebuild their existing house! There is just too much structural damage to the home. Rebuilding it is not an option, but there are options popping up all over the place and we will get things rolling starting Monday. We all need to remember that the Lord is the one who directs our steps and only He knows the final result. It is up to us to be obedient and follow Him. There will be a time of grieving for Mike and Faye as they have lived in this house for over 17 years. We told them that they should grieve and rest in the Lord. Great things are about to happen for them and we want them to enjoy each and every step of the journey! Please remember to keep them in your prayers. They need them and so do we. Please pray that we will hear and know the direction the Lord is taking us in this rebuilding! And then be sure and stay tuned to see the miracles!!

We thank all of you for your constant prayers. THEY are what keep us, and everyone on the gulfcoast, going! May God bless and keep each of you!

Until tomorrow, which is the Lord's day...go to church and thank the Lord for all of your blessings! Susan and Monty


Jackie said...

Nice title and Happy Birthday!!! WOw and Alligator too - too cool! We'll keep Mike and Faye in our prayers.

Blessings to you servants,
Jackie, Levi, Lydia and one on the way!

Trish said...

Trish (nj)

I hope you are all doing really great!!!

GOD Bless :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Monty!!!!

I have been thinking about you
and Susan often, and keep you in
my prayers daily.

I am looking forward to seeing both of you soon!!! Have a safe

God Bless You!
Love, Shelley