Sunday, September 17, 2006


The group shot of the Pennsylvania team on the front porch of Mike and Faye's home. The cross in the background was put up by the team as a special blessing to the family!

We miss you all and love you!!!!!

This morning Faye and grandson, Jacquez were at church. Jacquez was excited to go to children's church! The donut before church "added" to his excitement! :) When Faye and I went to pick him up from class the teacher, Pastor John, told us that Jacquez chose to give his heart to Jesus today! Now this little guy may be only 5 years old but he loves Jesus and that's all that counts! Praise be to Jesus!

Also this morning we were blessed to have guest speakers from Convoy of Hope International at church. Dave and Beth travel the world with missions and having them here was wonderful! Dave had a powerpoint on all the different areas of their missions. They are world wide and he and Beth's schedules must be more than full. The blessings they take with them are priceless! It was an honor for Monty and I to be able to spend a few minutes with them after the service and hear a bit more about all they are doing. Dave had been one of the first responders here in Gautier after hurricane Katrina and had a few memories to share. We thank them for following the calling God has placed on their lives and for being obedient to that call! Keep up the blessings and we will be keeping you in our prayers!

Dave had the message this morning and it really "hit home" with Monty and I. It was on "weariness", something we all can relate to. He had 4 points that I hope you will find as insightful as we did.

1. Weariness is inevitable!

We need to remember that there is no more effective lie than the enemy convincing us that we are a failure! That devil knows just where our "target" hot spots are.

2. Weariness is NOT defeat!

Our partnership with the Lord is in His kingdom and takes patient endurance. Maintaining proper balance in both is the tough part. But we must remember that the things of the kingdom cannot be gotten without patience!

3. Victory is ours if we do not give up!

The power of God is no less true just because it doesn't happen quickly. We are here because of the plan of God.

4. Jesus is administrating our victory! He and He alone!

We are all challenged to keep sight of God's plan for our lives. Don't substutite the direction of God's call on your life!

As I said, this message really hit home for us. We have been here, on the ground, for 8 months now and we are tired. When Monty and I left our secular jobs to enter into the relief ministry full time we promised we would take time off to report back to those who support us and who can "refuel" us with their love. For the next couple of weeks we will be taking time to connect with them and report. Because of this "refueling" this blog will not be written each and every day. I will do my best to let you all know what is happening. We ask for special prayers for this time, prayers for strength, for rest, for re-engerizing, for peace! We thank you for those prayers!

October is going to be a fantastic month! The volunteers are scheduled and we will be returning with full "tanks" and ready to go and share the blessings and love of our Lord!

Thank you all for your wonderful support. Rest in the Lord yourselves, be renewed, be forgiven and be loved!

Until our next time .... God bless you!!!! Susan and Monty

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Rev. Tony S. Searles said...

Hello Monty & Susan,
We made it home to PA safely, and are still excited about what we were a part of there in MS.
We had a great time with you, and thank you both for showing us how to do what we did, and giving us the opportunity to be a part of your great ministry.
Praying that your time away will be refreshing & productive for you.
Also, I heard that y'all will be on TBN...? Let me know when that is supposed to air, so that we can watch. Thanks!
In Christ,
Pastor Tony & Angela Searles